Happy New Year from Novak and Jelena! 12 Reasons to Give and Be Grateful for 2021

by NDFAuthors

  • дец 31, 2021

Our founders Novak and Jelena Djokovic discuss how far we have come as an organization, thanks to your selfless support over the years. We will also try to remember the many achievements we’ve accomplished in 2021. The entire Novak Djokovic Foundation Team wishes you a Happy New Year!  

Before you start reading this text, scroll back up and look at the photo, please. Well, this New Year, we hope you will find someone who will look at you the way Novak looks at Jelena. Our founders take a trip down memory lane, counting their blessings and seeing how far we have come as an organization:  

„We started this Foundation with a simple goal: to help.

In order to bring our mission into sharper focus, we started by taking a closer look at what was truly needed and we came away with the unshakable belief that what young children need most – beyond the basic requirements of food, water, and shelter – is education. With proper education, children are capable of anything. We truly believe that, and we know that you do too.

We also know that not everyone can put their lives on hold to build schools or develop programs for children. But when each one of us makes a contribution in whatever way we can – it is astonishing what we can accomplish.

Novak and Jelena look back on a challenging yet successful 2021.

Your effort makes a difference. Your contribution is significant and meaningful. Together, we build actual schools that you can visit, that you can touch and see, where you can hear the voices of children busy at work or play. Classrooms full of promise and potential. Over the course of the last decade as the NDF has grown, we’ve received an education of our own. We have improved in order to help the ones who help children every day – parents, teachers, coaches, and all the adults in their most immediate environment.  

We’ve met many incredible, compassionate individuals, worked hard, and gathered a team of truly dedicated people who trust our mission. In truth, we’re more than just a team. We’re a family, and we love all children as if they were our own. We want them all to flourish and thrive.

The last couple of years, however, have been anything but easy. We humbly acknowledged the new reality but never wavered in our determination to persevere. Having been obliged to take a step back, we are resolute in taking two steps forward.

Thank you for being a part of this movement and welcome to our family!

Happy New Year!“

Why, thank you, dear founders! We are well aware that, after this heartfelt message, it probably wouldn’t make much sense to continue writing“”but!“”we’ll still give it a shot! We have managed to achieve a whole lot of things this year, probably more than we thought we would, thus giving our Foundation a rather solid foundation (pun intended, we didn’t write this for SEO purposes) for an even more exciting 2022. Let’s have a look at everything you’ve helped us achieve over the past 12 months!


„Biking with the Wolf“ – Wolfango Poggi fundraised over EUR 10,000 by biking from Florence to Belgrade.



  • Reconstruction of 12 children’s hygienic rooms at „Dr. Olga Popović-Dedijer“ hospital,
  • Celebrating Novak’s 311 (now already 353) weeks at the top of the ATP list by making a large silhouette of his signature two-handed backhand.  


„ABC of Better Me“ program advises children how to treat children from a young age.


Novak and Jelena at the opening of Ljubis preschool.


  • Webinar „How we speak and what we achieve – ways of communicating with children“ in collaboration with Generali Insurance Serbia and The Human Safety Net attended by 395 parents,  
  • Diplomatic tennis tournament and the donation of the Embassy of Cyprus,  
  • The beginning of the Inclusive preschool education project and the adaptation and furnishing of premises in four Belgrade municipalities,  
  • Joining the Global Challenge organized by Generali and THSN and collecting funds for the opening of three sensory rooms in Serbia,


From the champion to future champions – public tennis practice within the „Path of a champion“ program.


  • Donation of the State of Qatar to the „ABC of Better Me“ program,


Kovacica was the first town in Serbia to receive its very own Parent center.


  • Opening of the 48th preschool in Stopanja, Trstenik,  
  • Inclusive preschool education – 4 study rooms opened in Doljevac,  
  • Opening of the first sensory room in Zajecar with Generali Insurance and THSN,  
  • „Path of a Champion“ – Donation of tennis balls to national tennis associations of the countries in the region: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  
  • Openning of Parent centers in Pancevo, Bac, Sabac, Uzice, Jagodina;  

Inclusive preschool education – within this tripartite treaty with the Serbian Ministry of education and the World bank, we have already opened 53 study rooms thus granting access to preschool education to over 1300 children.


  • „Support, not perfection“ – Beginning of the new, eighth cycle of workshops,
  • Inclusive preschool education – 14 study rooms opened in Obrenovac, Vladicin Han, and Nova Varos,  
  • „Path of a champion“ and projection of the „King Richard“ movie,
  • Our founder Novak Djokovic presented with Etico Ethical Award for exceptional philanthropic work,  
  • Giving Tuesday and the beginning of the new Season of Giving campaign for a new preschool for 100 children in Nis,    
  • Opening of a sensory room in Sjenica,  
  • Opening of Parent center in Sremska Mitrovica;    

NDF Team in all its magisterial glory.


Decorating the Christmas tree at Hyatt Regency Belgrade – a charity event that secured 25 new places in preschool for children in Boljevac.

Teddy Bear and Danina, the cover face of our Season of Giving campaign.

We hope these past 12 months will serve as an inspiration to give and be grateful for 2021. Before we sign out, we’d like to thank you for supporting yet another Season of Giving. Thanks to your help, we have already reached and surpassed our 70,000 fundraising goal! Remember, like every year, Novak and Jelena will be matching all your generous donations. Of all the good things that happened to us in 2021, we are most grateful for having you by our side.