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Starting with the Adaptation and Equipping of Preschools in Four Belgrade Municipalities

by , Posted on 9th Jun 2021

Branko Ruzic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, prof. Dr. Zoran Radojicic, the mayor of Belgrade, and Maja Kremic, our national director, signed a contract with Preschool institutions in four Belgrade municipalities and in that way officially marked the beginning of their adaptation and equipping.

The signed contract is a part of the Inclusive Preschool Education Project, which is implemented by our Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and with the financial support of the World Bank. This is just the beginning of our cooperation with the Ministry of Education on the adaptation and conversion of existing spaces in several cities and municipalities, which will provide 100 new rooms for preschool education and a chance for 2,500 children to attend the early childhood program for the first time. Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Branko Ruzic said that the Ministry, through the Inclusive Preschool Education project, strives to increase the number of places in preschool institutions and the quality of the preschool system, having in mind children from vulnerable social groups.

“Through this project, we will provide about 11,000 new places for children in preschools throughout Serbia, of which 500 new places for children of all ages will be provided through the adaptation of existing spaces in preschools in Belgrade,” said Minister Ruzic.

The Minister said that through this project, funds were provided for the construction of completely new preschools in Belgrade. He explained that the City of Belgrade determines the locations and provides project-technical documentation in accordance with the needs of the community and the conditions of the World Bank.

Maja Kremic, our national director, is proud that the Foundation was given the opportunity to work together with “such strong and determined partners” on achieving our mission – that by 2030 every child in Serbia has access to quality preschool education.

“With an aim to provide our youngest generations with a stimulating environment for play and learning in order to develop their full potential, our team has so far reconstructed, equipped and helped 47 preschools throughout Serbia. In this way, we have also encouraged the development of local communities, which in the long run contributes to a better future for all of us. However, the numbers show that there is still a long way to go”, Maja pointed out.

Expressing satisfaction with the participation in the project, the mayor of Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Zoran Radojicic, pointed out that the goal is for everyone to improve the quality of the preschool system.

“Our focus is on increasing the availability and accessibility of preschool education of children from socially vulnerable groups.” Through this project, 55 rooms in preschools in Obrenovac, Zemun, Stari Grad, Vracar, Vozdovac, Cukarica, New Belgrade and Grocka will be arranged in Belgrade”, Radojicic pointed out, adding that between seven and eight million euros will be set aside for adaptation and equipping of preschool premises in Belgrade.

Our team will additionally support the efforts of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to improve the system of preschool education and to carry out the educational process in even better conditions. In the first year of cooperation, works are planned in 20 municipalities: Doljevac, Vlasotince, Vladicin Han, Varvarin, Trstenik, Brus, Kraljevo, Cacak, Obrenovac, Stari Grad, Jagodina, Batocina, Svilajnac, Raca, Velika Plana, Bac, Apatin , Sid, Nova Varos, Cajetina.

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