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Novak Djokovic Foundation Opened a 48th Preschool that will Help a Further 75 Children to Quality Early Education

by , Posted on 19th Oct 2021

Novak Djokovic Foundation continues its mission to help preschools and children across Serbia; this time, preschool in Stopanja officially opened its new facilities with ideal conditions for children’s development

Novak Djokovic Foundation reconstructed, expanded, and completely furnished the building of “Biseri” (Pearls in English) preschool in the village of Stopanja, municipality of Trstenik. Among others, some of the people who attended the opening ceremony were: Jelena Djokovic, NDF co-founder and global CEO; Maja Kremic, Foundation’s national director, Marina Petrovic, preschool director; and Milena Turk, mayor of Trstenik.

All the furniture, toys, and didactics are in accordance with the newest methods that properly follow the development of each and every child.

The perimeter of the new object is 280 square meters (3013 square feet), and the refurbished preschool will provide a state-of-the-art environment for another 75 children to learn and grow. Three study rooms for all age groups are now available, as well as a modern kitchen, kids’ toilets, hallway, and utility rooms for teachers.

Novak Djokovic Foundation helped this project with a donation worth 12 million Serbian dinars (approximately 118,239 USD), with 10 million aimed at works and the remaining 2 million used for furnishing. Additionally, the municipality of Trstenik contributed to the construction with another 10.7 million dinars (around 105,500 USD).

Jelena Djokovic, Global CEO of NDF, having a good time with Stopanja’s precious pearls.

’Pearls’ are a preschool with great tradition that, from now on, will be shining with even brighter colors. The little ones will be given ideal conditions and a stimulating environment to develop all aspects of their character. This is why the Novak Djokovic Foundation strives to make sure that all the furniture, toys, and didactics are in accordance with the newest methods that properly follow the development of each and every child. People from Stopanja are really warm and forthcoming, which is why the prospect of making their and their children’s lives better makes us even happier,’ said Jelena Djokovic, NDF global CEO.

Maja Kremic, national director of NDF, made some new friends in the new preschool in Stopanja today!

“Stopanja is one of the few places in Serbia where the youth stay and where life is lived to the fullest. Many sports, cultural, and agricultural events recognized throughout the country take place here. These are precisely the reasons why the Novak Djokovic Foundation has decided to invest in this preschool and galvanize local families to, together with their pearls, stay in Stopanja and keep making this place unique as it is! – added Maja Kremic, national director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

All members of the NDF team left Stopanja today brimming with positive emotions. That’s all for now, folks! See you next time!

“Our preschool has been around for more than 60 years and, with time, it has grown into an institution worthy of admiration not only in and around Trstenik, but also beyond. To us, this collaboration with the Novak Djokovic Foundation represents a great honor and privilege, and I am sure that the little ones will long remember the time they spent today with Jelena, Maja, and other members of the Foundation’s team,” highlighted Marina Petrovic, preschool director. 

So far, Novak Djokovic Foundation has built or reconstructed 48 preschools, while helping more than 47,000 children and training almost 2,300 teachers in the process. Their goal and vision are clear – to help as many children to quality early childhood education as possible—as this will be crucial for them if they are to develop into strong, creative, and self-aware adults and members of the community.

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