This Season of Giving, Let's Build a Better Future for 100 children in Serbia

by NDFAuthors

  • Dec 01, 2021

Before you outgrow your superhero costume this holiday season, why don’t you join us for a little trip down south? Take them out from your wardrobe, dust them off and fix your cloak – and you’re ready to go! Whichever superhero power you have, they shall be utilized. Join our Season of Giving campaign and help us open a new preschool in the historical city of Nis!    

Did you know that only every second child in Serbia has access to quality early education? In order to improve this statistic and raise awareness about the importance of investing in early development, our team is organizing the “Season of Giving” fundraising campaign for the fourth year in a row. The goal of this year’s campaign, which shall last until January 8, is to gather funds for the opening of a new preschool in Nis – the third-largest city in the country. There are over 1000 children on the waiting list in this city, children who would love to go to preschool and meet new friends. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, not all of them can be accommodated. That is why we decided to reconstruct an old community center that will welcome 100 children in four study rooms.

This Season of Giving, with your help, we can make sure that Danina (left), Neda (right), and 100 other children in Nis get access to preschool education.

As per Jelena and Novak and in accordance with the sustainable development goals, our main aim is to ensure that every child in Serbia has access to preschool within the next 10 years and the opening of a new preschool in Nis goes directly towards this goal:

“This and the previous year have further demonstrated how important it is for children to attend preschool, particularly in a situation when parents are forced to work from home, and are not able to adequately dedicate their time to children. However, it should not be forgotten that there are still those who are not able to go to preschool, even in normal circumstances. Nis is a lovely city with unique culture whose citizens have been recognized both domestically and abroad. We have great memories from this city and we are happy that, this Season of Giving, we are raising funds for a new preschool there, thus enabling children and their families to dream big. Reconstructing the old building of the local community and turning it into a beautiful, modern preschool will give 100 children an opportunity to get the best possible start in life and it will also help their parents to have more time for themselves and their careers.

With love and light, we thank you for your support. Let’s go together for another victory, like always!“ – Novak and Jelena Djokovic said.

How to join the campaign:

1. Donate

At this link, you can support this campaign by donating, making sure that #OneWishForNis comes true. Your donations will help change their lives! Fundraise together with your family and friends. While you’re at it, why not make an adventure out of it? You can:

  • donate,
  • start your own fundraiser – choose a name, set your goal, and pick your crew, or
  • support a fellow fundraiser.

Don’t forget to leave a few words for us when you donate! Share why you opted to donate and how important early development is for you. Together, we are spreading a valuable message for everyone!

*Our Foundation is officially registered as a charity organization in the United States, United Kingdom, and Italy. If you are donating from the USA, you will get a receipt and your donations will automatically be eligible for tax deductions. If you are donating from the UK, contact our Fundraising Team at, as well as for any further questions.  

2. Share the news with your company

Does your company match? Speak to your HR or CSR department – your gift could have double the impact! Opening preschools does not only help the children and their families but our society as a whole. We are ensuring that our future generations are using their full potential and building a brighter future for all of us.

3. Use the power of social media – Be an advocate

You can read the stories from Nis on our blog,  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  LinkedIn. Share them on your social media profiles and call your friends to join us. Do not forget to tag us in our posts and to use  #OneWishForNis. In that way, you’re helping us spread the news about our goal and gain more members of our NDF  family.

Join our Season of Giving campaign and help us open a preschool in Nis.  

Thank you for putting your trust in us all these years. Let’s reach our goal together once again and enrich the lives of 100 children in Serbia!

Our Foundation, together with the founders Novak and Jelena Djokovic has over the past 14 years invested over EUR 13 million into programs and projects aimed at early development. The construction and the adaptation of preschools, with the goal of creating a safe and stimulating environment where children can grow, develop and learn, is one of our most important projects. Thanks to this initiative, so far, 48 preschools in Serbia have been reconstructed and furnished, more than 47,500 children received aid, 2,200 teachers were trained, and 7,500 parents were supported.