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Novak Djokovic Foundation Attended the Opening of an Exhibition Dedicated to Nikola Tesla in Trieste, Italy

by , Posted on 22nd Sep 2021

Having received the invitation from the Association of Serbian Cultural Youth (Associazione Culturale Giovanile Serba – ACGS) from Trieste, dedicated to promoting the culture, integration, and education among the youth of Serbian and other backgrounds, Novak Djokovic Foundation attended the technical-scientific exhibition entitled “Nikola Tesla: A man from the future”, co-hosted with Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

“Nikola Tesla: A man from the future” is an exhibition honoring the great scientist endorsed by the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Trieste, Province of Trieste, Serbian Orthodox Church Municipality, and AREA Science Park in Trieste, as well as the local media partner Trieste News. Among others, the exhibition that will be open until October 10 was attended by the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Culture and Information led by the Minister Maja Gojkovic, H. E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Italy Mr. Goran Aleksic, as well as Mr. Roberto Dipiazza, Mayor of Trieste.

On behalf of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, National Director Maja Kremic addressed the invitees while highlighting the importance of culture and education which, when conjoined, know no boundaries:

“We are honored to be joining you today in celebrating Nikola Tesla’s legacy. We all know who he was and what he left behind but I also think that he left us with a sense of duty to privately contemplate what WE will leave behind us in order to make this world a better place. At our Foundation, aligned with our founder’s values, we envision a world undivided and see Tesla as a citizen of such world. We also believe that, when education and culture come together, opportunities are limitless. Our main scope of interest is early childhood education and development which is why we believe that knowledge, along with health, is one of the world’s most essential things and it’s worth fighting for. The fact that we gathered here today testifies that we care about our own legacy and the example we set for the younger ones to follow. Besides working on educational programs and infrastructural projects in our country on a daily basis, we genuinely care about raising the awareness of the importance of knowledge. Nowadays, even though we have access to information like never before, that does not necessarily mean that the consciousness about it is as present. That is why I would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to raising that awareness and making sure that we are leaving a better world behind us indeed, just like Tesla did,” concluded Ms. Kremic.

Maja Kremic and Nikola Tesla.

Maja Kremic, National Director of Novak Djokovic Foundation and Nikola Tesla, a man from the future.

In collaboration with the Center for art and education – Genal artspace from Belgrade, Novak Djokovic Foundation contributed to the exhibition with an artwork named “Wings are everything in life,” made by 100 Serbian children aged 4-14, thus presenting Tesla from a child perspective. The model is made of balsa wood, and every single feather on the wings, whose span is 4.8 meters, is made of coffee filters and painted using various techniques. This work of art was inspired by an interview that Tesla gave back in 1899, in which he fondly spoke about his love for birds and his fascination with their wings.

“Wings are everything in life”: Maja Kremic with Smiljana Grujic, Heart of the program team at the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

The Foundation has once again shown their support of children’s creativity as they learn through play while using their imagination and developing their talents.

The Foundation also organized two interactive workshops with the aim to better explain the life of the scientist and to point out the importance of exploring while playing. The workshops focused on electricity, Tesla’s favorite number 3, as well as animals that fascinated him to explore the world around him from a young age.

The exhibition traces the life and work of the great Serbian genius: through functional models, digital content (such as archival films, audio recordings, and other multimedia files), objects and documents kept in the museum archive which possesses the largest collection of Tesla’s patents, it will be possible to retrace the fundamental stages of his journey, also through guided tours that can be booked in three different languages: Italian, English and Serbian/Croatian.

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