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Novak Djokovic Foundation is Donating Tablet Devices to Children’s Institutions in Serbia

by , Posted on 16th Sep 2021

Novak Djokovic Foundation, aided by their partners Generali Osiguranje Srbija and The Human Safety Net, will donate tablet devices to different educational institutions throughout Serbia. Under the supervision of an adult, these tablets will enable children to immerse themselves in educational content while exploring the digital world. 

The donation includes the distribution of 42 devices to the following institutions:

– Preschool “Pcelica” (Engish: Little bee), Sremska Mitrovica,
– Preschool “Uzice”,
– Preschool “Kolibri” (English: Hummingbird), Bač,
– Preschool “Vracar”, Belgrade,
– Preschool “Galeb” (English: Seagull), Petrovac na Mlavi,
– Preschool “Radost” (English: Joy), Čajetina,
– Preschool “Maslacak” (English: Dandelion), Sjenica,
– Association “Otvoreno srce” (English: Open heart),
– Center for Youth Integration, Belgrade,
– Association of parents of children with malignant and other rare diseases “Zvoncica” (English: Tinkerbell), Belgrade.

“Zvoncica” was precisely the first institution to receive their tablet devices. On behalf of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, present was Smiljana Grujic – coordinator of Foundation’s many programs, whereas representing Generali was Natasa Djurdjevic – Director of Directive for Corporate Communications and The Human Safety Net Program in Serbia. These devices represent a unique learning tool and will be of great use to the kids and the adults around them, which is precisely what Ms. Djurdjevic explains:

“I am glad that, together with the Novak Djokovic Foundation and The Human Safety Net program of ours, we have been able to donate these tablet devices to “Zvoncica”. They will facilitate the learning process and active class participation during online lectures while making it fun, high-quality, and worthwhile. I am also thrilled that our initiative within the “Support, NOT Perfection” program has overgrown its own framework, thus enabling us to sustain other parents and caregivers whose children are fighting other substantial life battles.”

Like with all other devices, one should be cautious with tablets as well—claims Smiljana Grujic—who, during her career, has dealt with the issue of cyberbullying.

Novak Djokovic Foundation envisions a world in which every child stands an equal chance to develop properly. With this donation, we want to help both “Zvoncica” and other institutions in Serbia, so that their children can play and learn in a fun and multimodal way. The internet and global connectedness have become everyday phenomena of modern life. In order to keep up with the times that we’re living in, being tech savvy for educational purposes is a must. Every child wants to feel like an equal to his peers and access and proper handling of these devices are one of the first conditions to be met,” says Smiljana Grujic.

Standing from the left: Irina Ban, Smiljana Grujic, and Natasa Djurdjevic.

“Irina Ban, Director of “Zvoncica”, has expressed her gratitude to the aforementioned partners: “Novak Djokovic Foundation is one of the very few organizations that support children properly and adequately, and I share their vision that early childhood education and guidance is of crucial importance for future adults. That being said, children who are ill should not be left wanting for education—for them, the sky is the limit and they can achieve everything they imagine. That is precisely what the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Generali Osiguranje Srbija and The Human Safety Net are enabling our children to do with this donation. It is imperative that these kids attend online classes, as much as possible in these conditions. Taking it all into consideration—many, many thanks on behalf of “Zvoncica”association of parents of children with malignant and other rare diseases.”

Playroom – children’s favorite room in “Zvoncica”.

Apart from the tablet donation and the “Support, NOT Perfection” program, Generali Osiguranje Srbija and The Human Safety Net collaborate with the Novak Djokovic Foundation to help the ones that really need it. As we speak, brand-new centers for parents are being implemented in 15 different locations in Serbia. Also, schools in Belgrade and Zajecar will get their sensory rooms where experts will be conducting activities related to the enhancement of sensory integration of children who need this type of support.

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