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Qatar Embassy in Belgrade Makes a Donation to Support Novak Djokovic Foundation’s Program “ABC of Better Me”

by , Posted on 19th Aug 2021

ABC of Better Me“, a program within which Novak Djokovic Foundation encourages children and adults to maintain the connection with nature and treat it more responsibly, has been helped by a 4.000-Euro donation of the Qatar Embassy.

It is no secret that the dedicated work of the Novak Djokovic Foundation aimed at improving preschool education and early childhood development in Serbia is acknowledged outside the country’s borders. It is also important to note that, as of late, embassies of various countries in Belgrade have actively taken part in supporting the Foundation’s work by making donations towards its cause. The Cypriot Embassy did it in June along with a few others, and now their Qatari counterpart decided to follow in their footsteps. Qatar Embassy explains how this initiative came about and why they opted to support the ABC of Better Me program in particular:

Step one: till it.

“With this donation, Qatar Embassy in Belgrade endorses the ABC of Better Me program within which the Novak Djokovic Foundation teaches organic farming and responsible treatment of nature to children and adults working with them, through establishing and cultivating gardens in kindergartens. In doing so, our Embassy would like to raise awareness about how important it is to get to know various natural processes at an early age while having immediate contact with nature. Novak Djokovic Foundation has been implementing this unique program for a long time now and we are delighted to contribute to their noble cause in this way.”

Step two: grow it.

ABC of Better Me was created in cooperation with experts in sustainable farming and the Foundation’s founders Novak and Jelena Djokovic consider it to be rather important. The program encompasses the following components:

  • Theoretical-educational part – workshops for children, parents, teachers, and other staff members in preschool institutions;
  • Practical part – presenting the model for setting up a raised bed garden/seedbed in every preschool;
  • Institutional level – linking various institutions, experts, and interested parties to support the overall child development by encouraging children and their parents to acquire healthy eating habits and improving diet quality at home and in non-family settings.

Step three: pluck it.

As children are getting increasingly detached from nature and nature-related processes at an early age, Novak Djokovic Foundation decided to run this program in the spring of 2018. Over the last two and a half years and with partner support, the program has been successfully implemented in 7 preschools in Serbia – in Belgrade, Jagodina, Svilajnac, Ub, and Pećinci, thus including 140 teachers and 300 children. The new cycle is set to continue in September when the little ones will roll up their sleeves, dirty their hands, and — most importantly — enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Step four: enjoy it!

Novak Djokovic Foundation once again expresses its gratitude to the Qatar Embassy in Belgrade and hopes for other generous initiatives like this one in the future.

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