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“The Path of a Champion” – Our New Program for Parents of Future Athletes

by , Posted on 7th Apr 2021

We are excited to share some beautiful news –  we’re initiating a new program for parents of future athletes called “The Path of a Champion”. However, that is not all! The upcoming tournament Serbia Open 2021 will have a humanitarian character, and for each ACE played, it will donate funds for this program.

The role of parents in children’s sports development is not easy at all, and they often feel as if they have to choose between unconditional support and strict discipline. In order to help them in this challenge, on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, we held a panel discussion about the role of parents and the importance of supporting children in sports. Our panelists were Dejan Savic – selector and director of all water polo teams in Serbia, prof. Dr. Miljan Grbovic – fitness coach of Olympic, World and European champions in team sports, Ana Jovanovic – a member of our team and the author of the program “The Path of a Champion”  and Djordje Djokovic – director of the Serbia Open 2021 tournament.

Guided by the example of our founder, Novak Djokovic, the Foundation has been encouraging the youngest generations to engage in physical activities and nurture healthy habits through various activities for many years. We are aware that parents also play a key role in that, and that is why we want to educate and strengthen the parents of future athletes with the new program “The Path of a Champion”. Within the program, for the first time in Serbia, with the support of the most eminent experts, training will be organized for parents who aim to support them in following the first sports steps and the success of their children.

We share with you the panel’s key messages. Continue to follow our website and social networks for more information about the “The Path of a Champion” program! 

Panel discussion and presentation of our new program for parents of future athletes "A Path of a Champion"

Panel discussion and presentation of our new program for parents of future athletes “The Path of a Champion”

1. In the first place is “A sound mind in a sound body

“Parents and the coach should know that the goal of the results is not in the first place. Top sport is not just about money and status. The attitude “A sound mind in a sound body” should come first. Parents, please “punish” your children by forcing them to go outside to play. Children, first of all, should play, and later play sports. “- Dejan Savic, selector and director of the most trophy-winning national team in the history of Serbia.

2. A parent and a coach have an equally important role

“A parent has a great responsibility towards his child, just like a coach. The child needs to acquire work habits and develop through sports, so education is the first step. When thinking about which sport a child should play, don’t think too much. Let the child just choose through play. Children’s problems in sports usually arise from the most sincere desire of parents to help the child in everything and then exaggerate in that. “- Prof. Dr. Miljan Grbovic, fitness coach of many national teams in team sports.

Panelists: Ana Jovanovic and Dejan Savic

3. Sport is an integral part of the child’s play

“It is important to create a balance and to encourage the discussion of how important it is to harmonize education and sports with children. Sport should be an integral part of a child’s play during early development. The game does not exclude top results but stimulates them. Through our program, we also want to reconsider the notion of a champion. Champions are not only those who achieve top results, but those who give their maximum every day “- Ana Jovanovic, author of the program”The Path of a Champion “, former Fed Cup representative of Serbia and selector of women’s junior categories of the Tennis Association of Serbia.

4. The support of the whole family is necessary

“Family support is key to a child’s progress in sports. Parents should give the child attention and unconditional love. This will help him choose the right path in sports for himself. However, our entire community should also provide support. That is why we want every tournament to have a humanitarian character and we are glad to be able to support programs that directly or indirectly have the ultimate goal of children’s development. ”- Djordje Djokovic, director of the Serbia Open 2021 tournament.

Panelists: Miljan Grbovic and Djordje Djokovic

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