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Together We Made 105 Children from Villages Vajska and Ljubis Smile

by , Posted on 5th Feb 2021

Thanks to the support of more than 1000 generous individuals and companies, we have successfully closed another fundraising campaign “Season of Giving”, and collected over 100 thousand euros for the opening of preschools in the villages of Vajska and Ljubis.

The story of these small places and the talents that are hidden there, has traveled all over the world. We have once again shown how one’s little act of kindness can make a big difference. Thanks to the fundraised money, every year more than 100 children from the villages of Vajska and Ljubiš and the surrounding places will grow up in a safe and stimulating environment, playing with their peers. Thus, we have taken another step closer to our mission that in the next 10 years, every child in Serbia has access to quality early education.

Our founders, Novak and Jelena Djokovic, inspired by the gesture of all those who joined the campaign, decided to double the collected amount with their personal funds, which will make 216,000 euros available for the opening of two new preschools in the villages of Vajska and Ljubis in the coming period.

A brighter future for everyone

With the success of the Season of Giving, the village of Ljubiš will get its first preschool!

Children living there will no longer have to cross around 5 km every day so they could play with their peers.

Families will be additionally motivated to stay, and the village of Ljubiš will not be forgotten. It will continue to live as the birthplace of some new poets, scientists, musicians, or doctors.

Little Neda from Ljubis has a great desire to learn. Every day, when her older sister Theodora comes home from school, she takes her books and reads them curiously. With your support, Neda will soon go to preschool and gain new knowledge with her friends.

By opening a new preschool in the village of Vajska, a place where as many as 25 different national minorities live in harmony, we will contribute to erasing any stereotypes that may arise in the early years and including as many children from marginalized groups as possible. Quality early education will help children to adapt more easily to the environment around them and to socialize and learn with their peers without any obstacles.

The new preschool will have larger capacities, and thus the children from the village of Vajska will no longer have to share only one study room.

We will secure an all-day stay, which will make it even easier for parents to balance work and family obligations. It will help them provide greater financial security for their family.

Marko from Vajska has a friend Nenad who couldn’t go to preschool because there was not enough place for all children in the village. Thanks to the Season of Giving, Nenad will soon have the opportunity to grow and develop in a stimulating environment.

The power of teamwork

Over 1000 people from more than 30 countries joined the campaign!

To our great pleasure, the Serbian famous children’s writer Ljubivoje Ršumović supported us as well, because the village of Ljubiš is his birthplace, and he wishes that no child in Serbia is forgotten. Thanks to Serbian famous actors and musicians, the story about Ljubis and Vajska spread all over the world. 

Many companies have also recognized the importance of opening new preschools. Their inspiring initiatives have given a great example of a socially responsible business. Companies Donesi, Skrabac, Adora Living Solutions and Hooloovoo were among them. 

The famous Serbian poet, Ljubivoje Rsumovic, supported the campaign as well.

Supporters full of creative ideas

The success of the Season of Giving is not only reflected in the raised funds, but also in the growth of the community that believes in the power of early education. Along with the donations, we also received a handful of beautiful messages that additionally motivated our team to continue striving towards the goal.

Friends, families, colleagues from all over the world came together and invited people to support the campaign and join them in their adventures. Among them is Wolfango Poggi from Italy, who inspired everyone with his initiative “Biking With the Wolf” – he will cycle 1200 km so that the children from Vajska would have a better childhood.

Thank you for putting your trust in us once again and opening your hearts to children’s dreams. Together we have enriched the future of the villages of Vajska and Ljubis!

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