Novak and Jelena Wish You Happy Holidays! Let's Remember 2022 and All the Great Things We Did Together

by NDFAuthors

  • дец 29, 2022

Our founders thank you for the support you have been giving us all these years and wish you lots of love, health and peace. Join us in flipping through the calendar and let’s look forward to 2023 together!

Dear friends, donors, partners, and all those who follow us around the world and support the work of our Foundation for many years, the holiday season always reminds us that, when united, we can help even more and provide support where it is most needed.

We thank everyone who has joined our Season of Giving. We are getting closer to our goal! It won’t be long before we help 100 children in Odzaci to start preschool. This year, we used the holiday season to bring joy to children in the entire Eastern Serbia, and gave them presents.

May the New Year bring us all lots of love, good health, peace of mind, shared family moments and plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. On our own and the whole Foundation’s Team behalf, thank you for always being with us, for supporting our work, and for trusting us.

Together with you, we will strive to continue to expand our mission and fulfill children’s dreams.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Novak & Jelena Djokovic

You can watch the video of their New Year’s greeting at this link.

And what did we do together this year and in what ways did help children and support parents throughout our country and the region? Let’s start from the beginning…



  • At the Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia at EXPO Dubai, we presented our work to the international community. At the head of our delegation were the founders Novak and Jelena Djokovic.

February: At the Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia at EXPO Dubai, we presented our work to the international community.


  • We participated at the Milano Marathon as silver partners, where we raised funds for our new Feel to Heal program.
  • The new cycle of the program „Support, not perfection“ marked the opening of the new Centers for parents within the partnership with Generali osiguranje Srbija and The Human Safety Net.
  • Opening of our 50th preschool in Veliki Popovic.


April: The opening of a preschool in Brzi Brod from the funds collected during the Season of Giving campaign.



  • The 100th study room opened within the project „Inclusive early childhood education and care“
  • We organized the second webinar on the topic of Sibling Relationships

June: The 100th study room opened within the project „Inclusive early childhood education and care“


  • Welcoming our founder Novak Djokovic to Belgrade after winning Wimbledon


  • Increased activity of blog posts and active preparations for the last quarter


September: The Conversation on Parenting with Dr. Shefali and Jelena Djokovic delighted the audience in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade



December: A new Season of Giving officially began on Giving Tuesday


During this year, the most significant projects have been: the opening of 5 new preschools with the support of our partners and donors, with which we have come to 54. Also, within the project „Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care“ 3,200 places have been secured for children in preschools throughout Serbia. Our signature programs, „Support, not Perfection“ and „The Path of the Champion“ continued to provide much-needed support to parents, while Dr. Shefali‘s guest appearances were the real icing on the cake.

Before we sign out, we would like to thank you for supporting another Season of Giving campaign — this time for the opening of a new preschool in Odzaci. We are very close to reaching the goal of 50 thousand euros. And all that thanks to you! Don’t forget that, like every year, Novak and Jelena will match all your donations! We are convinced that we will reach the goal together, and we very extremely grateful for that.

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!