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60 New Places for Children in Svrljig = Our 51st Preschool

by , Posted on 1st Apr 2022

Novak Djokovic Foundation successfully implemented the project in cooperation with the Municipality of Svrljig and the Preschool Institution “Poletarac”; and continued its mission to help preschools and communities throughout Serbia

In the municipality of Svrljig, three new study rooms were officially opened today at the central building of the preschool institution “Poletarac”, the construction of which was financed by the preschool institution itself and the municipality of Svrljig. Novak Djokovic Foundation has completely equipped the premises – with digital equipment (laptops), books, toys, as well as didactic materials. The kindergarten in Svrljig is the 51st that the Foundation has equipped, adapted, or reconstructed.

How happy are you on a scale from 1 to I’VE STARTED PRESCHOOL TODAY?

The opening ceremony was attended by the director of the “Poletarac” preschool, Dejan Miletic, the mayor of Svrljig, Miroslav Markovic, MP Milija Miletic, as well as representatives of the Novak Djokovic Foundation. As the first two rooms had already welcomed children, the guests, accompanied by their parents, were joined at the opening by 20 children accompanied by their parents. This was their first glimpse of the newly opened third room, in which they will play, learn, and make new friends. The youngest group includes children under the age of two, while the other two groups consist of children aged two to four and a half years old.

The beginnings of preschool in Svrljig date back to 1968 when the first group started working as a part of the local primary school. In 1993, the preschool institution changed its name to “Poletarac” (Nestling in English) and, as of today, it consists of 10 study groups of full-time and half-day stay, i.e. 230 children in total. “Poletarac” has been visited throughout history by the famous poet Miroslav Mika Antic, beloved children’s show host Branko Kockica, and HRH Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

Our Fundraising Manager Emina Potric made some new friends today.

Dejan Miletic, director of the preschool and the host of today’s opening, thanked the Foundation and praised the Strategy for Improving Preschool Education of the Municipality of Svrljig:

“This day is extremely important because we are opening a new educational group in which twenty children aged 2 to 4 will stay. It is also important for the institution itself because by opening a new educational group, we are approaching one of the goals we set – that by 2025, 70% of children living in our municipality will be included in various preschool education programs.

We are not alone in achieving this goal. First of all, there is the municipality of Svrljig, which has allocated funds for the extension of the facility. We are also immensely grateful to the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which provided didactic resources, toys, and digital equipment for the three educational groups,” said Miletic.

The newly-opened study room in Poletarac preschool in Svrljig.

Emina Potric, Fundraising Manager of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, thanked the people of Svrljig for their hospitality and expressed satisfaction with the completed project:

“Getting up early and driving for a few hours in the rain – all that is easily forgotten when you are greeted by such kind hosts and when we see the smiles on the faces of children who will get to go to preschool with their peers from today. Everything that the Novak Djokovic Foundation does is intended for the better future of children, and we found reliable partners in the preschool institution “Poletarac” and the Municipality of Svrljig. Sixty new children means 60 big and happy smiles, but also 60 satisfied young families who can plan their future more purposefully and thoroughly,” added Emina Potric.

Miroslav Markovic, President of the Municipality of Svrljig, also addressed the audience:

“Realizing the need for the new premises in the preschool, the municipality allocated significant funds from its budget for upgrading and expanding the capacity. Three study rooms, which are officially being opened today, have been added – to the great satisfaction of Svrljig families. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which has helped us yet again, this time by equipping the rooms, which is a great contribution to the condition of the facility,” concluded Markovic.


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  •' Jessica Allende Aguilera says:

    Soy Jessica y vivo en Chile ,en un lugar llamado Las Cañas 2 es zona de campo x ahora todo muy seco ,soy madre de 3bellos hijos de 19 años Vicente (tercer año de la universidad),18 años Cristóbal (iba en su primer año de ingeniería marina mercante pero tuvo q congelar ya q los lugares q quedaban para arrendar eran muy alto y no me alcanza para pagar ,y 13 años Tomás el está estudiando en primero de enseñanza media .No se hablar inglés ,pero x lo q veo en imágenes Novak implementó una fundación (la cual se ve hermosa ) para pequeños niñ@s , felicitaciones eres un grande ❣️ mi gran ídolo en el deporte ,mi mayor deseo es algún día verte jugar Novak y q me regales una raqueta sería un gran tesoro como mis hijos . Saludos multifacético eres genial 👏💪👍🇨🇱✨y siempre eres y serás para mí el mejor en el 🎾ser poin y juego para el Sr Novak Djokovic 🥰

    • NDFAdmin says:

      Querida Jessica,

      Muchas gracias por su apoyo a nuestro trabajo y la carrera profesional de nuestro fundador. Estamos orgullosos de tenerlo como modelo a seguir y nos alegra saber que millones de personas en el mundo sienten lo mismo por él.

      Felicidades por tan linda familia! Novak también se crió en una familia con dos otros hermanos y esperamos que sus hijos también se estén convirtiendo en hombres fuertes, independientes, amables y generosos.

      Muchos saludos a Chile,

      Fundación Novak Djokovic

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