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Novak Djokovic Foundation is a Silver Partner at Milano Marathon

by , Posted on 11th Mar 2022

April 3rd, save the date! Tell your friends – gather a team of four members and sign up for Milano Marathon!  You can run in Milan with other participants or anywhere in the world while your progress will be tracked via the app. All funds collected will be forwarded to our new program Feel to Heal, which focuses on emotion management skills of children aged 3 to 6. 

This April 3rd, the 20th edition of Milano Marathon will be run in person for the first time since 2019. In addition, since last year’s “run anywhere” option—while tracking your progress in the app—was a big success, the organizers have decided to keep it this year as well. This literally means that, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can run and contribute from any corner of the Earth!
As a silver partner of the Marathon’s official charity program, Novak Djokovic Foundation is offering you an opportunity to run and support our mission, as all participation fees will be directed towards our new program Feel to Heal. The program aims to help children aged 3 to 6 to master the recognition, naming, and emotion management skills necessary for their lifelong well-being.

Milano Marathon

Marathon is a discipline that stretches far beyond the boundaries of sport; it symbolizes concentrated effort and resilience, while sending a universal message of peace.

Each team must consist of four runners, neither more nor fewer than that. The number of teams is limited. 

If you are not able to run but would still like to contribute to our cause, you may do so by donating via Rete del Dono platform or our official fundraising page

The minimum participation fee per team is EUR 200.

How you can register, step by step:

1)    One member should register the whole team wishing to run under the NDF on the dedicated “SIGN-UP” (“VOGLIAMO CORRERE CON QUESTA ONP“) link

2)    They will be then redirected to the sign-up webpage, where the team representative must select whether they will be running “in presence” or through the “run anywhere” option;

3)    After the completion of the relevant forms, NDF will receive a notice via e-mail and will contact the team leader. Then, once the donation has been agreed and executed, NDF will send the team leader a link through which each team member should finalize the registration by entering their personal data; 

4)    The link to the registration form will be sent by NDF only once the NDF ONLUS (NDF’s officially registered branch in Italy) receives a proof of donation. Teams will be able to verify the entry status by following the directions on the website;

5)    The assignment of bib numbers will take place only after the registration has been successfully completed. The bibs will indicate the team number and the letter identifying the leg for those participating “in presence” (A: first leg, B: second leg, C: third leg, D: fourth leg);

6)    A few days before the race, each participant enrolled will receive an e-mail as official “letter of confirmation”. The email will contain all the basic instructions for the download/pick-up of the bib number and race bag, as well as details for taking part in the event.

Feelings are an integral part of every human being’s life. Emotions do not ask if they can come. Rather, they just come and then we understand them, consider them, and name them. Feel to Heal is a program dedicated to children’s improvement of emotion management techniques.

Studio Legale Withers, NDF ONLUS’ legal representative in Italy, will be another trusted source of communication that will guide you and be at your disposal regarding any information related to Milano Marathon. 

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    Nole sei una bella persona. Continuano a discriminarti, ma tu sii superiore. Noi italiani popolo di pecore continuiamo a subire. Io continuo a combattere le leggi razziali per me che non posso lavorare e per mio figlio che deve vivere come essere umano Libero. Gli animali non sarebbero mai cosi crudeli. W i nostri figli liberi. Grazie Nole

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