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Our 52nd Preschool for 125 children in Brzi Brod

by , Posted on 12th Apr 2022

Season of Giving has already begun to yield results – the Novak Djokovic Foundation has invested part of the funds collected during the campaign and completely equipped five study rooms in the “Brodic” preschool in the Brzi Brod settlement in Nis.

“Brodic”, a new kindergarten with five study rooms within the Public Preschool Institution “Pcelica” (Little Bee in English), was officially opened today in Brzi Brod, a settlement in the municipality of Mediana, city of Nis. The Novak Djokovic Foundation completely equipped all the rooms with furniture, toys, books, didactic materials, and sleeping beds. The new preschool consists of one older nursery, two mixed groups, and two groups of preschoolers. “Brodic” (Little Ship in English, Brzi Brod translates as Fast Ship) is the 52nd preschool that the Novak Djokovic Foundation has equipped, adapted, or reconstructed since its founding.

Hardworking bees and Maja Kremic. Photo: Nemanja Stojkovic

The opening ceremony was attended by the director of “Pcelica” Svetlana Mitic, the mayor of Nis Dragana Sotirovski, as well as the national director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Maja Kremic. Everyone present enjoyed the performance of the children’s choir “Carolija” (Spell/Magic) by Leontina Vukomanovic. The children of “Pcelica” moderated the event and put on a great show, to everyone’s delight.

The Novak Djokovic Foundation had previously announced that, in addition to the reconstruction, adaptation, and equipment of the local community “Bozidar Adzija” in the municipality of Mediana in Nis and the equipment of the kindergarten “Brodic” in Brzi Brod, the campaign will also equip the preschool in Sajlovo, Novi Sad.

Maja Kremic, National Director of the Novak Đoković Foundation, commented on the projects that this organization arranges in the municipality of Mediana in Nis:

“We are overjoyed to be with you today in Brzi Brod. When we started the Season of Giving campaign at the end of last year, we could not dream that, instead of 100, we would actually be able to help as many as 225 children in the municipality of Mediana; but, as it usually happens, life writes beautiful stories and this project in Brzi Brod is just one in a series of successful ones that the city of Nis and the Novak Djokovic Foundation are implementing, to the mutual satisfaction of both parties,” said Maja Kremic.

Maja Kremic addressing the crowd in Brzi Brod.

Brzi Brod raised the anchor today and the Brodic preschool has set sails. Photo: Mladen Djurovic

Svetlana Mitic, director of “Pcelica”, greeted all the friends of this preschool institution:

The wish of all of us is that every part of the city has a preschool, and the opening of the kindergarten “Brodic” is a proof that the joint work of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, the city of Nis, and the institution “Pcelica” can come up with ways to increase the number of children attending preschool and to reduce the waiting lists. Today is a great day for our institution and the city of Nis because we have managed to significantly increase the number of children covered by the preschool program by investing in new spatial and human capacities and raising the quality of the content of the educational process,” said Svetlana Mitic.

Little bees making plans for a trip around the world. Photo: Nemanja Stojkovic

The Mayor of Nis, Dragana Sotirovski, praised the cooperation that the city has with the Foundation:

“The City of Nis and the Novak Djokovic Foundation are successfully cooperating and we can easily agree on joint projects that we want to realize. The preschool in Brzi Brod is an example that will not be left alone, and we will continue our cooperation and agreements. I thank the Foundation for their valuable help. The preschool in Brzi Brod will have five groups, and that will be a significant relief for the preschool in the city itself, which will receive some new children. We have significantly shortened the waiting list compared to the number we found 19 months ago, and” Brodic “will enable us to further reduce it and bring us closer to the goal we are striving for: preschool for all children and no waiting lists,” concluded Dragana Sotirovski.

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