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We Opened Our Landmark 50th Preschool!

by , Posted on 17th Mar 2022

The Novak Djokovic Foundation continues its mission to help preschools and children throughout Serbia. In the village of Veliki Popovic, a new facility with ideal conditions for the growth and development of the youngest ones was opened today.

As announced at the EXPO 2020 Dubai, the Novak Djokovic Foundation has now officially reconstructed, adapted, and equipped a total of 50 preschools since its founding. This took place in the village of Veliki Popovic, in the municipality of Despotovac. The renovated facility called “Leptirić” (Little Butterfly in English), at the preschool institution “Rada Miljković”, covers an area of ​​118 m2 which will accommodate 50 new preschoolers. The total value of the project is 9,550,000 Serbian dinars (EUR 81,167.883), of which the Foundation, together with partners, has invested RSD 6,500,000 (EUR 55,245.607). This is also the first project that the Foundation realized in the municipality of Despotovac. The ceremonial opening of the new facility was attended by the National Director of the Foundation Maja Kremic, the Director of the Preschool Institution Verica Stojkovic, the President of the Municipality of Despotovac Nikola Nikolic, and the Deputy President of the Municipality of Despotovac Nenad Jovanovic, and the partners. 

The main partner in this project is the company Dunav osiguranje, which has once again confirmed that it is one of the CSR champions in the country of Serbia. Support was also provided by other companies recognized by their CSR: dm drogerie markt Serbia, Baumit Serbia, Aksa, ITRO-COOP, and Tarkett.

Maja Kremić and the children draw; the main topic was the 50th preschool opened by the NDF.

“The reason for our gathering today could not be any better. For the first time, the Novak Djokovic Foundation is implementing a project in the municipality of Despotovac, which is also the 50th preschool that our organization has reconstructed, adapted, and equipped during the 15 years of our existence. We are extremely glad that, in the year when we celebrate great anniversaries, the kindergarten in Veliki Popović is the first one to be officially opened. I was thrilled by the anecdote from a couple of years ago, when teachers, parents, and children, dressed in Smurf costumes, came together and painted the complete fence of the kindergarten, which until then had been covered with graffiti. We hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to listen to such creative and inspiring stories and that we will soon see each other again, happy and smiling as we are today,” said Maja Kremic, National Director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Traditional clothes are meant for a traditional game!

“On behalf of the municipality of Despotovac, I would like to thank the good people from the Novak Djokovic Foundation, first of all for choosing the kindergarten in Veliki Popovic and the municipality of Despotovac from a large pool of children’s institutions in Serbia that also need help. Thanks to the efforts of the Foundation and the local government, Veliki Popovic will now have exceptional conditions for accepting preschool children, as do children in Western European countries – where a large number of citizens of this region work. I believe that, in addition to numerous incentives from the municipality of Despotovac, this will also be one of the most important efforts that will contribute to more children in families and schoolyards – to the joy of all of us,” said Nenad Jovanovic, Deputy Mayor of Despotovac.

NDF’s landmark 50th preschool in Veliki Popovic near Despotovac.

In addition to Mr. Jovanovic, the host of this event was also Verica Stojkovic, the director of the preschool institution.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Novak Djokovic Foundation for the selfless donation of a new study room in the preschool where children from Veliki Popovic will stay. Through this project, you have enabled children to have their childhood filled with plenty of socializing, playing, and learning with their fellow peers. Thanks to the realization of the Foundation’s project, we will achieve the goal that every child develops his/her full potential. Through teamwork with the local government, we are provided with conditions for including every child in the preschool education system without making any discrimination based on health status, gender identity, disability, ethnic origin, or nationality,” concluded Verica Stojkovic, host of the opening and director of preschool “Rada Miljkovic”.

With the opening of the “Little Butterfly” kindergarten, the Novak Djokovic Foundation has come even closer to another golden milestone – 50,000 children helped in 15 years of work.

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