Why is bedtime ritual so important?

by NDFAuthors

  • Jul 17, 2019

Every good day has to be preceded by a good night’s sleep. We need to establish a bedtime ritual in order to get our youngest ones accustomed to regular sleep. Surveys have shown that the presence of routine helps children sleep longer. The routine does not necessarily have to imply an obligation, effort or for the children to perceive it as something boring. The routine can be a nice thing, we can make ordinary things as getting ready for bed into an amusing ritual that will relax us all and bring closer together.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur personal care is very important for forming a healthy and good bedtime routine. As parents, we often forget to take care of ourselves, to be kind to one another as well as respect our own personal time. The child learns from us, from the environment, it implements the things that it sees. This is why it is very important what kind of example we set for our children. We need to show them by our own examples in order for them to develop healthy and sound habits.

Let us create amusing and healthy rituals for our dreams to come true:


One of the ways to work around the fuss and stress-related of getting ready for bed is for you to start off with this ritual much earlier. It is very important for the child to use up all of its energy, which is why you should play with him/her, play music, dance or jump. It is the best way to make it easy for yourselves and the child will definitely be ready to plunge into the world of dreams.


Brushing teeth and putting on pajamas is not the most fun part, but it could be. Instead of having the child treat these things as a chore, an order, let’s turn it into something fun, into a game. Let’s involve the children actively in the whole process. From the selection of toothbrush, toothpaste, PJs, to the selection of music to which they will brush their teeth. You will enjoy the bedtime ritual, and the children will see it as fun, not as a chore.

Keep it gentle

After a child is prepared to go to bed, it is time to cuddle. Give them a hug, tuck them in, cuddle and talk to them. Use this moment to give thanks for the day thus far, to commend your child, to show them how much you love them. Give them a hug and show them you are there for them. Use this moment as an opportunity to listen to your child, to support them and encourage them to talk to you.

This is a perfect moment for giving children a subtle space to express themselves, to talk about their fears, and how they spent the day thus far. By doing so you will strengthen your bond and let your child feel free to have an honest conversation with you, rather than having an impression as if they were on an interrogation chair. Let your child relax and gain confidence.

Let‘s imagine and learn all sorts of things

Reading books can help you relax. Apart from its offering relaxation, children will start to develop their imagination, to explore and find out new things. This is a nice and useful way to relax and teach your child.

There is no magic formula nor a single way to suit everyone. This is why it is necessary to help your child create habits that will benefit everyone. Creating good and healthy bedtime ritual is a key factor, as they will be useful to you and your child in the future.