Jelena and the Foundation Team at the Workshops of the "Support, not Perfection" Program

by NDFAdmin

  • Apr 05, 2023

The “Support, not Perfection” program, which we implement in cooperation with Generali Osiguranje Srbija and The Human Safety Net, is organizing its tenth cycle of workshops this spring. Our team, led by co-founder and global CEO Jelena Djokovic, is currently visiting parents at workshops throughout Serbia.

“Support, not Perfection” is being held for the third time in Parenting Centers throughout Serbia. This leading program of the Foundation, designed in collaboration with Harvard experts and recognized by the renowned European Journal of Developmental Psychology, is also recognized beyond the borders of our country. In addition to the workshops in the Centers, the program is also available on the Online Academy of the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Last year, under the auspices of the Foundation, this program hosted Dr. Shefali, a leading world expert on conscious parenting, and this year it will again reach out to the region and bring Dr. Gabor Mate, one of the world’s most renowned scientists and psychologists.

Jelena Djokovic recently spoke about Dr. Mate and the work of the Novak Djokovic Foundation for Al Jazeera Balkans:

As for the workshops, they are characterized by trust, connection, a pleasant atmosphere, and mutual support from caring adults in the lives of children. This was the case in Novi Sad, Sabac, and Pancevo in recent days. The workshops are facilitated by experts trained by the foundation team. While the cycle is ongoing, we look forward to visiting other centers in cities throughout Serbia. Expect us!