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The NDF is a global organization with a dream for every child to have equal access to a quality preschool education.

What We’re All About

We give preschool aged children from impoverished areas the chance to learn and play in a safe, creative, and nurturing environment. Our children learn to love and respect themselves, others, and the world they live in. Early education is the foundation upon which they will stand for the rest of their lives, and the foundation for the future of our world. Learn More


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“‘Belief’ is the most universal word to me, even more than ‘hope’. For one to achieve his dreams, he needs to truly believe in them.”

Novak Djokovic, Founder

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Our Results

43 School Adaptations
980 Families Supported
1.575 Teachers Trained
20.708 Children Helped

How You Can Help

Join thousands of passionate compassionate champions

and give the kids in Serbia the gift of education.


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