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Our Stories

Our Stories

The Power of Season of Giving Campaign: Together We Will Open Three New Preschools in Serbia!

By NDFAdmin on 26th Nov 2020

For two years in a row, you have been putting your trust in us and giving us unconditional support towards…

Our Stories

Psychologist and Psychotherapist Smiljana Grujic Answers Our Readers’ Questions

By Smiljana Grujić on 21st Oct 2020

With the desire to provide support to parents and caregivers in this challenging period, our psychologist and psychotherapist Smiljana Grujic will…

Our Stories

Brick by Brick towards our New Preschool in the Heart of Serbia

By NDFAdmin on 3rd Sep 2020

In the light of the International Day of Charity, we wanted to share with you how the construction works on our…

Our Stories

How I became a parent that I always wanted to be

By Tamara Perović on 31st Jul 2020

We are immensely proud to see that the participants in our programs, readers of our blog, and followers of our…

Our Stories

The Friendship Games – a Place where Lifelong Friendships are Born

By NDFAdmin on 29th Jul 2020

In the name of International Friendship Day, we want to share with you all the beautiful moments and stories that…

Our Stories

Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren in a Special Way

By Ljiljana Damnjanović on 4th May 2020

Usually, grandparents are involved in their grandchildren’s lives for one sole reason – to spoil them and give them everything…

Our Stories

There is no “know-it-all parent”

By Jasmina Kruševljanin- Bondžuković on 19th Feb 2020

The arrival of my first baby girl aroused feelings and concerns I had no time to address in my past…

Our Stories

The Village of Ljukovo – Home to Our New School of Life

By NDFAdmin on 12th Feb 2020

Out of 96 children that live in the village of Ljukovo, only a quarter of them goes to kindergarten. For…

Our Stories

Schools of Life – a Community that Makes Children’s Dreams Come True

By NDFAdmin on 5th Feb 2020

In Serbia, only every fifth child from rural households goes to kindergarten. Our Foundation wants to give these children a…


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