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Psychologist and Psychotherapist Smiljana Grujic Answers Our Readers’ Questions

By Smiljana Grujić on 21st Oct 2020

With the desire to provide support to parents and caregivers in this challenging period, our psychologist and psychotherapist Smiljana Grujic will…

Early Childhood Education

10 Reasons To Choose Montessori Pedagogy

By Tijana Adamov Ignjatović on 20th Oct 2020

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maria Montessori, a pedagogist and the founder of Montessori…

Early Childhood Development

How to Keep Kids Safe Online in the Age of Virtual Learning

By NDFAdmin on 19th Oct 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, some schools have temporarily shut their doors to students and shifted to virtual…

Early Childhood Development

Ideas for a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Children

By NDFAdmin on 15th Oct 2020

Since family mornings are usually filled with the rush of preparing for school and work, it sometimes happens that parents…

Early Childhood Education

We’re Researching: The Early Childhood Education in India

By Tatsat Bhatt on 15th Oct 2020

We have already written about the pros and cons of educational systems in Japan , Finland, and China. This time we researched early…

Inspirational Stories

5 Remarkable Serbian Women Who Were Once Just Little Girls Too

By NDFAdmin on 10th Oct 2020

Why wouldn’t you celebrate the International Day of a Girl by telling your daughter, niece, gran-daughter, friend about the fascinating…

Early Childhood Development

What Do Younger Generations Think About Parenting: “A Child Should Be a Priority”

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 1st Oct 2020

ven though we think they do not notice or remember some childhood moments, younger generations remember everything and form their…

Early Childhood Development

Child’s Developmental Milestones At Age 5

By NDFAdmin on 30th Sep 2020

It is important to build a strong foundation for any building to make it able to reach greater heights. In…

Early Childhood Education

Our “ABC of Better Me” Preschool Gardens Throughout Serbia

By NDFAdmin on 24th Sep 2020

From planting to growing and sowing fruits and vegetables – what can children learn if they are involved in the…


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