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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Development

Nutritionist’s Advice: Why it’s Important for Parents to Read Product Labels

By Vesna Zečević on 25th Feb 2021

It’s not only important for parents to read the product labels, but also to educate them to understand all the…

Early Childhood Education

Davos 2021 Highlights: Reimagining education

By NDFAdmin on 24th Feb 2021

Closure of the digital gap, new global education approach, unity and innovation. Here’s how the future of education was discussed during…

Early Childhood Development

10 Tips on How to Talk to Your Child About Sexual Abuse

By Smiljana Grujić on 22nd Feb 2021

You should talk to your child about sexual abuse through play without intimidation and threats. The conversation should follow the child’s questions…

Our Stories

2020 In Review: Our Achievements in a Year Full of Challenges

By NDFAdmin on 11th Feb 2021

A year when a normal everyday life stopped. When everyone stayed at their homes and the streets were left empty….

Early Childhood Development

10 Fun and Educational Documentaries for Children

By Anne Steinhoff on 8th Feb 2021

Looking for children appropriate documentaries online that are fun to watch and teach children something new? Look no further. Here…

Early Childhood Development

Attention-Seeking Behavior in Children Under the Age of 3: Where Does It Come From?

By Jovan Komlenac on 8th Feb 2021

A child does nothing on purpose, even when it shows attention-seeking behavior. The need for closeness and intimacy is innate…

Inspirational Stories

Inspired by Our Top Fundraiser: Cycling 1200 km for Education of Children in Serbia

By NDFAdmin on 25th Jan 2021

he success of our Season of Giving campaign does not measure only in the number of funds we will raise….

Our Stories

Meet Nada from Team Vajska: “My Inspiration is the Fight for the Education of Roma Children”

By NDFAdmin on 18th Jan 2021

Our Team Vajska consists of people with a big heart who nurture multiculturalism and diversity. Among them is the fearless…

Our Stories

We can Save the Villages of Serbia from Disappearing by Believing in Children’s Dreams

By NDFAdmin on 18th Jan 2021

All across Serbia, among meadows, mountains and streams, there are bright young minds filled with endless imagination, kindness and talent….


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