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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Development

Little Steps Make Little Ecologists

By Nataša Jančić on 21st Feb 2020

How to reduce the excessive use of smartphones among children and replace virtual reality with real-life that takes place out…

Our Stories

There is no “know-it-all parent”

By Jasmina Kruševljanin- Bondžuković on 19th Feb 2020

The arrival of my first baby girl aroused feelings and concerns I had no time to address in my past…

Early Childhood Development

Eviction is a perfect storm for children

By NDFAdmin on 13th Feb 2020

Eviction pushes families deeper into poverty, disturbs the stability of their daily lives and lowers parents’ capacity to help their…

Our Stories

The Village of Ljukovo – Home to Our New School of Life

By NDFAdmin on 12th Feb 2020

Out of 96 children that live in the village of Ljukovo, only a quarter of them goes to kindergarten. For…

Our Stories

Schools of Life – a Community that Makes Children’s Dreams Come True

By NDFAdmin on 5th Feb 2020

In Serbia, only every fifth child from rural households goes to kindergarten. Our Foundation wants to give these children a…

Early Childhood Development

How to Survive Your Child’s Tantrum

By Smiljana Grujić on 29th Jan 2020

In the previous blog, I wrote about how anger is an emotion that stems from our “judgmental thoughts”. Now that…

Parenting tips

The Path of Parenting is not Always a Straight Line

By Marko Ostojić on 27th Jan 2020

We all remember childhood as the most beautiful part of life… Or, at least, that is how it should be….

Parenting tips

An Introduction to Parenting from One Dad’s Perspective

By Jovan Komlenac on 23rd Jan 2020

Young married couples who do not have children are often forced to answer the question: “When will you have children?”…

Early Childhood Development

4 Ways How Childhood Trauma Can Affect a Child’s Mental and Physical Health

By Jelena Fu on 17th Jan 2020

Anna is obsessed with keeping her fridge full at all times. She gets extremely anxious if it gets empty. Childhood…


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