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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Our Stories

Meet Nada from Team Vajska: “My Inspiration is the Fight for the Education of Roma Children”

By NDFAdmin on 18th Jan 2021

Our Team Vajska consists of people with a big heart who nurture multiculturalism and diversity. Among them is the fearless…

Our Stories

We can Save the Villages of Serbia from Disappearing by Believing in Children’s Dreams

By NDFAdmin on 18th Jan 2021

All across Serbia, among meadows, mountains and streams, there are bright young minds filled with endless imagination, kindness and talent….

Our Stories

How Preschool Helped Little Nadja Overcome Fear of Separation from her Mom

By NDFAdmin on 30th Dec 2020

Kindergarten changed Nadja’s upbringing by, among other things, helping her overcome her fear of separation from her mother. “If she…

Inspirational Stories

The Story about Best Friends from our School of Life in the village of Ljukovo

By NDFAdmin on 18th Dec 2020

Wanting to show Dragana how much her effort, time and passion have changed the lives of children in the village…

Early Childhood Education

5 Reasons Why Every Child in Serbia Should Have Access to Preschool Education

By NDFAdmin on 8th Dec 2020

For more than a decade, preschool education in Serbia has been recognized as an important factor necessary not only for…

Our Stories

Stories of Our Volunteers: How Can Volunteering Change Your World

By NDFAdmin on 4th Dec 2020

On International Volunteer Day, we wanted to once again share the touching stories of our volunteers who have been supporting…

Our Stories

The Power of Season of Giving Campaign: Together We Will Open Three New Preschools in Serbia!

By NDFAdmin on 26th Nov 2020

For two years in a row, you have been putting your trust in us and giving us unconditional support towards…

Early Childhood Education

Investment in Early Childhood Education – It’s Worth It!

By Jelena Fu on 24th Nov 2020

nvestments in Early Childhood Education (ECE) are not even close to those in the infrastructure, military, industry, etc. despite the…

Early Childhood Development

10 Tips on How to Improve the Quality of your Child’s Screen Time

By Dobrinka Kuzmanović on 19th Nov 2020

This year, on the occasion of World Children’s Day, we wanted to cover the pressing topic, which is made more…


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