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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Development

Childhood Development: Why Kids Lie

By Anna Chulack on 24th Mar 2017

Everyone lies. It follows that children lie, even at a very young age. Parents everywhere will be very familiar with…

Our Stories

Lena’s Story – One Little Girl with Mesmerizing Smile

By Bojana Rangelov on 21st Mar 2017

When I came into the classroom, Lena was sitting at the art table, making some crafts from colored paper. She…

Early Childhood Development

Grateful Parent, Grateful Child

By Anna Chulack on 17th Mar 2017

Knowing how to express gratitude surely translates to a person’s optimism and happiness – and what parent wouldn’t want that…

Early Childhood Development

The Harmful Effects of Inequality on Children

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 14th Mar 2017

In a hypocritical society which favours merit more than equal opportunities and equity, children should be given adequate conditions of…

Early Childhood Development

Play in a Puddle on a Rainy Day

By Anne Steinhoff on 10th Mar 2017

On rainy days it can be a challenge to find exciting games for children. Why not go outside, explore the…

Early Childhood Development

Parent Education: Social Coaching Tips

By Anna Chulack on 9th Mar 2017

Getting children to choose to play with others, rather than alone, is a problem many parents face. Here are some…

Early Childhood Development

Did You Know That There Is a Connection Between Language Skills in Early Childhood and Depression?

By Ananya Singh on 7th Mar 2017

Too much to “say”, too little to “express”.

Our Stories

Our Staff Says Zdravo: Meet Bojana- Twinkly Project Manager Assistant Extraordinaire

By Zoe Townsend on 3rd Mar 2017

So, full disclosure: we have an amazing staff here at the NDF, and we’re partial to them. We get to…

Our Stories

The Powerful Gift of Memories

By Zoe Townsend on 2nd Mar 2017

Do you remember preschool? Kindergarten? We all have pockets of memories of our early school days: the good, the bad,…


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