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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Education

April reading list for parents – perfect for light spring reading

By Sanja Petrovski on 24th Apr 2019

We hope you enjoyed our March reading list, because we have prepared new book recommendations for you! owadays, parents face many…

Our Stories

Books that inspired children from all over Serbia to dream

By NDFAdmin on 23rd Apr 2019

Books open up a whole new world for children. A world that hides exciting adventures, undiscovered places and brave heroes….

Early Childhood Education

How to motivate a child to read?

By Jelena Aleksov on 22nd Apr 2019

Numerous studies on children’s motivation for reading have proven that we live in a time of a reading crisis! The…

Early Childhood Development

Why is parental self-care essential for children’s emotional well-being?

By Smiljana Grujić on 17th Apr 2019

Parenting is the hardest, but at the same time, the most beautiful job. It requires a lot of energy and…

Early Childhood Development

Teach kids to value their toys because every toy can be like Happy the bunny

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 15th Apr 2019

I read an interesting comment recently on the internet: “When I was little, I was the one who picked up…

Early Childhood Development

How easy it is to be music for a child

By Nada Vuković Đokić on 12th Apr 2019

They asked me when the best time for a child to start with music lessons is. I answered with a…

Early Childhood Education

In the spirit of the International day of sport: Our “little champions” teach us what is actually a victory

By NDFAdmin on 10th Apr 2019

We are used to looking at the road to victory as a road we must travel alone. Then it is…

Our Stories

The story about parents who are not afraid to share their feelings

By NDFAdmin on 4th Apr 2019

We visited the town Jagodina yesterday to attend the 3rd workshop within the Support, Not Perfection program. We couldn’t even…

Early Childhood Education

How to help your children develop and maintain good learning attitude and habits?

By Jelena Fu on 1st Apr 2019

Joy, my Chinese friend, called me the other day to ask for advice. Her son isn’t doing too well in…


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