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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Education

Pros and Cons of the Chinese School System

By Jelena Fu on 6th Sep 2019

We have already written about the pros and cons of educational systems in Japan and Finland. This time we researched…

Early Childhood Education

It’s My Son’s First Day of School – and I’m Freaking Out!

By Nikolina Škaro on 2nd Sep 2019

Pencils, notebooks, backpack? Check! New clothes, launch pack? Check! So, everything is ready for the first day of school. But…

Early Childhood Education

10 Best Puzzles to Grow the Mental Health of Kids

By Rebecca Siggers on 29th Aug 2019

Just like every other part of the body, a child’s mind needs stimulation to grow and develop. If you’re looking…

Early Childhood Development

How children taught me to solve problems

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 28th Aug 2019

There are many quotes by numerous educators, psychologists, and writers, about children, which I apply in everyday life and which…

Early Childhood Development

 How to teach a child to swim and overcome his fear of water?

By Jovana Slavnić on 26th Aug 2019

I remember my first encounter with the swimming pool. It was at one of the city’s favorite swimming areas. I…

Early Childhood Development

Benefits of Children’s Play

By Aleksandar Petrunovic on 19th Aug 2019

It is often said that playing is a lens through which the children perceive the world around them. In that…

Early Childhood Education

Parents, beware – the new school year is just around the corner

By Kristina Lalova on 15th Aug 2019

The end of the summer season is just around the corner and the start of the school year is just…

Early Childhood Education

Three tips for a great storytelling

By Jelena Aleksov on 13th Aug 2019

Can you remember your favourite children’s story from childhood? How many times did  you stay awake and wait for your…

Early Childhood Development

What is the cause of early childhood caries?

By Ljubica Pavlović Trifunović on 9th Aug 2019

Let’s talk about one big misconception among parents  – first teeth are meaningless because they are replaced later on by permanent…


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