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5 Lessons Kids Learn From Composting

By Vesna Zečević on 15th Jun 2021

Perhaps at first glance, composting does not seem like an interesting and educational activity. However, when you try it, you…

Parenting tips

Children As Our Teachers

By Jelena Fu on 14th Jun 2021

Child-rearing is a two-way street. We help our children learn, grow, become independent, but at the same time, they are…


How Quality Early Education Can Prevent High School Dropouts

By Pranav Jha on 14th Jun 2021

An analysis of dropout rates indicates that a major factor behind is the lack of a strong academic and soft…


The Power of a Verse: Positive effects of Poetry Recitation on Children’s Health

By Anđela Škaro on 14th Jun 2021

Poetry recitation is not just mere memorization of verses, but a real “investment” of parents in their children’s future and…


Benefits of Gardening for Children

By Vesna Zečević on 10th Jun 2021

Activation of the senses and motor skills, spreading awareness of the importance of environmental protection, nurturing healthy eating habits, are…

Parenting tips

Distance parenting – physically distant, connected by heart

By Martina Heđi Kirić on 9th Jun 2021

Physical distance has often been mentioned for more than a year as well as recommended due to the preservation of…


The Role of Culture in Early Childhood Development

By Tatsat Bhatt on 8th Jun 2021

Culture is really what kind of atmosphere the child grows up in. Its role in understanding early childhood development is…

Our Stories

A Gift from the Young to the Youngest: Art Students Enrich the Childhood of Our Little Ones

By NDFAdmin on 3rd Jun 2021

Thanks to the exceptional talent of the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts, children from the Dumbo kindergarten in…


What do we learn through play?

By Nevena Mitranić on 28th May 2021

Decades of recognizing child’s play as big, valuable and important are behind us, but have we and the children even…


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