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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Development

Dealing with the Stress of Finding Joy

By Ananya Singh on 21st Jun 2017

“All I wish is that joy were a fruit that grew on the get-at-able branches of some perennial, evergreen tree…

Early Childhood Development

Engaging Fathers in Parenting Interventions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

By Joshua Jeong on 18th Jun 2017

About the author: The Novak Djokovic Foundation and the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University have awarded four…


In Conversation with the Djokovic Fellows: Joshua Jeong

By Alberto Lidji on 16th Jun 2017

The Global CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Alberto Lidji, sat down with the Fellows to discuss their current research…

Early Childhood Development

Want to Be a Great Parent? Let Your Children Be Bored

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 8th Jun 2017

If we keep amusing our children whenever they get bored, we may be depriving them of important skills beneficial to…

Early Childhood Education

Digital Citizenship and Its Role in Childhood Education

By Anne Steinhoff on 25th May 2017

As the use of technology in the classroom increases, the topic of digital citizenship is gaining momentum. But how can…

Early Childhood Education

Preschool Programs: Worth It or a Waste of Money and Time?

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 23rd May 2017

It is time for questioning the real effectiveness of preschool programs and the impacts it proposes to have on children’s…

Early Childhood Education

Academic Preschools: Too Much Too Soon?

By Anna Chulack on 19th May 2017

Choosing between an academic and a play-based preschool for your child is, for some parents, simple. But for many others…

Our Stories

My Inspiration Behind the Program “Support, not Perfection”

By Nina Sokolovic on 14th May 2017

When I think back to my childhood, the first person I think of is my grandmother. I have vivid memories…

Early Childhood Development

5 Steps to Ditching the Dummy

By Anne Steinhoff on 9th May 2017

Many children get attached to their dummies. Depriving them of this special comforter can be hard work. Here are a…


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