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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Development

Resources That Can Help You Talk With Your Child About Racism

By NDFAdmin on 4th Jun 2020

iven the recent events following the tragic death of George Floyd, we have been once more reminded how important it…

Early Childhood Development

Paternity Leave: Fact or Fiction?

By Kristina Lalova on 3rd Jun 2020

p to this day, fathers underrepresent the take-up in parental leave all over the world. Some countries are more progressive…

Early Childhood Development

Preschool Teacher’s Tips: How to Help a Child Adjust to Reopening of Preschools after the Pandemic

By Nataša Malešev on 1st Jun 2020

s a preschool teacher, during the pandemic, my colleagues and I have worked in entirely different, changed conditions compared to…

Early Childhood Development

Are Parent-friendly Workplaces a Real Thing?

By Jelena Fu on 13th May 2020

Although the number of companies with parent-friendly workplaces is slowly growing, it is still very far from what is needed.

Our Stories

Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren in a Special Way

By Ljiljana Damnjanović on 4th May 2020

Usually, grandparents are involved in their grandchildren’s lives for one sole reason – to spoil them and give them everything…

Early Childhood Education

Helen Lumgair: How to Support Your Child’s Social and Emotional Learning

By Helen Lumgair on 28th Apr 2020

n my previous blog I wrote about how by reading stories to your children, you’re establishing a learning relationship with…

Early Childhood Education

Benefits of Learning with Mnemonic Techniques for Children

By Kristina Gavrilović on 28th Apr 2020

In cooperation with Leonida Institute, Novak Djokovic Foundation launched a YouTube series of lectures on the topic of learning with…

Early Childhood Development

Nutritionist’s Advice: Good Food Choices for Children in this Period

By Vesna Zečević on 27th Apr 2020

n my last blog, I’ve explained which vitamins are essential for the strengthening of a child’s immunity during the pandemic….

Early Childhood Education

Creating a Learning Partnership with Children through the Use of Stories

By Helen Lumgair on 22nd Apr 2020

y recent Instagram live chat with Jelena Djokovic focused on how we can support children’s learning during this time of…


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