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NDF Gala Dinner in Milan – The Night to Believe in Their Dreams

By Selena Ivanovic on 27th Sep 2016

Last week on Monday, as members of NDF team, we caught our flight to Milan, where the Foundation’s fourth charity…

Early Childhood Education

Sugata Mitra on Child-driven Education

By Anne Steinhoff on 22nd Sep 2016

The results from a series of classroom experiments, in which children were given self-supervised access to the Internet, suggest that…

Early Childhood Education

Universal Pre-K Education: Calling for a Paradigm Shift

By Ananya Singh on 18th Sep 2016

In order to bring parity in educational opportunities, governments all over the world should invest in a uniform pre-K education…

Early Childhood Education

Animated Adaptation of Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Educational Paradigms

By NDFAdmin on 15th Sep 2016

Here’s RSA Animate’s adaptation of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk about changing educational paradigms, based on one of the best TED…

Early Childhood Development

Tips for Helping Siblings Adjust to a New Baby

By Anne Steinhoff on 13th Sep 2016

Having a new baby in the family may be one of the toughest experiences for older children. Here are some…

Early Childhood Development

The Importance of Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

By Anna Chulack on 11th Sep 2016

We all instinctively know from birth that food is essential to our own survival. Studies show that a nutritious diet…

Early Childhood Development

Benefits of Having an Imaginary Friend

By Harsh Mahaseth on 8th Sep 2016

To understand your child better it is important to become a part of your child and his/her imaginary friend’s life….

Early Childhood Development

Tips to Overcome Night Bed Fears and Nightmares

By Beatrice Gollini on 6th Sep 2016

It’s obvious that when your baby go to sleep you probably say “Good night and sweet dreams” but sometimes it…

Early Childhood Education

The Importance of Children Learning their Native Languages

By Sayeh Yousefi on 4th Sep 2016

In a world of increasing intersectionality and diversity, it’s no longer rare to find children with several ethnic backgrounds or…


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