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Our Stories

We Donated Artificial Grass to a Preschool Where the Little Big Ones will Play

By NDFAdmin on 20th Sep 2021

Novak Djokovic Foundation donated 250 square meters of artificial grass to the “Djurdjevak” preschool in the Belgrade municipality of Cukarica….

Early Childhood Development

How to Help your Kid Find Passion

By NDFAuthors on 23rd Aug 2021

Whatever you take the positive meaning of passion to be, it can be very hard to find yours. Many adults…


Serve and Return: How Every Child can Thrive by Five

By NDFAdmin on 9th Aug 2021

This TED talk by Molly Wright, one of the youngest people ever to present at this renowned conference, seeks to…

Parenting tips

5 Ways to Apply Montessori Methods During Your Summer Vacation

By Tijana Adamov Ignjatović on 5th Aug 2021

If you are packing your suitcases, ready to go on a summer vacation, I am sure that you have not…

Our Stories

From THE Champion to Future Champions: Novak Djokovic Foundation Continues to Encourage Children to Play Sports

By NDFAdmin on 28th Jul 2021

Within our unique program “Path of a Champion”, we donated tennis balls to clubs throughout Serbia and organized a Kids…


Be Your Child’s Favorite Teacher

By NDFAuthors on 12th Jul 2021

School is out and summer is here, but kids don’t stop learning. It is no foreign concept that a child’s…


Diplomatic Tennis Helping Early Childhood Education

By NDFAdmin on 29th Jun 2021

This past weekend, the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Belgrade organized a “Diplomatic Tennis Tournament for Children”. All…


5 Lessons Kids Learn From Composting

By Vesna Zečević on 15th Jun 2021

Perhaps at first glance, composting does not seem like an interesting and educational activity. However, when you try it, you…

Parenting tips

Children As Our Teachers

By Jelena Fu on 14th Jun 2021

Child-rearing is a two-way street. We help our children learn, grow, become independent, but at the same time, they are…


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