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Early Childhood Development

What Does Your Tummy Say? – Important Question to Ask Children at Mealtimes

By Jelena Aleksov on 23rd Jan 2018

A “happy plate” is one in front of a child who’s permitted to listen to her body, not our out-of-date…

Early Childhood Education

How to Conquer Your Child’s Math Anxiety

By Tara Cvetkovic on 19th Jan 2018

As early as kindergarten, kids are introduced to math. As they progress in grade school, children will learn math skills…

Early Childhood Development

How to Teach Your Kids to Tidy up in Marie Kondo Style?

By Elizabeth Brewer on 17th Jan 2018

Clutter can be an everyday inhabitant of homes across the globe. Families with small children in particular can relate. So…

Early Childhood Education

Good Practice in Celebrating Holidays in Kindergarten Curriculum

By Jelena Aleksov on 11th Jan 2018

Children love and look forward to holidays and the fun that goes along with each one. However, when parents visit…

Early Childhood Education

ScratchJr – Visual Programming Language for Children Ages 5–7

By Jelena Aleksov on 30th Dec 2017

Just as writing helps you organize your thinking and express your ideas, the same is true for coding. Coding enables…

Our Stories

Thank You! You Inspire Us

By NDFAdmin on 24th Dec 2017
Inspirational Stories

Children Asked to Choose Between Giving or Receiving the Perfect Present

By NDFAdmin on 22nd Dec 2017

If you had little and were given the hard choice of getting something you want or making someone you care…

Our Stories

Christmas Letter From Our Global CEO, Alberto Lidji

By Alberto Lidji on 20th Dec 2017

Dear Friends, Once again, the festive season is upon us and we find ourselves wrapping up another year. As we…

Early Childhood Development

Learning Disabilities: What is it and How to Help Your Child

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 17th Dec 2017

It may sound like a scary phase if it happens of your child being diagnosed with a Learning Disorder. However,…


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