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Thoughts and insights from the world of the NDF

Early Childhood Education

Little Iva has just one wish…to go to preschool!

By NDFAdmin on 12th Dec 2019

Did you know that every other child in Serbia does not have access to preschool education? Every day they miss…

Our Stories

Being a volunteer: stories about the moments in-between

By Dragana Purešević on 5th Dec 2019

It was hard for me to begin writing, not because I don’t know what to say, but because words would…

Our Stories

Your Gift for Our “Season of Giving” Campaign in 2018 Made a Difference!

By NDFAdmin on 2nd Dec 2019

Last year, by joining our Season of Giving fundraising campaign, you helped us shape the future of many children in…

Early Childhood Development

Montessori Approach for the First 6 Months with Baby at Home

By Tijana Adamov Ignjatović on 26th Nov 2019

Preparations for the arrival of a baby should be one beautiful period in the life of a mom, and dad…

Early Childhood Development

How to Help Your Child Cope With Eco-Anxiety

By Kristina Lalova on 15th Nov 2019

The unfolding events around the Global Climate Strike have brought to the surface the issue of ‘eco-anxiety’. Children are increasingly…

Early Childhood Education

6 Ways How to Enhance Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

By Jelena Fu on 1st Nov 2019

Critical thinking is an expression that’s been mentioned a lot for the last few years – in the workplace, education,…

Early Childhood Development

Anger is an Emotion that Comes from our Thoughts

By Smiljana Grujić on 1st Nov 2019

Children’s and parental feelings are often known to be very strong. It happens that when children exhibit unacceptable behavior for…

Early Childhood Development

Childhood Emotions Your Child Will Always Remember

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 1st Nov 2019

Feelings have the power to call up memories, and memories are there to evoke emotions. The deepest, purest, strongest emotions…


Meet Jovana Ivankovic – a young facilitator of the “Support, Not Perfection” program

By NDFAdmin on 1st Nov 2019

“Support is important regardless of whether you are a parent, child, or someone at the start of their career.” urious…


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