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Early Childhood Development

5 Parenting Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

By Maja Ljubinković on 19th Jun 2020

They say there is no perfect guide for parenthood, but there are many books that can give you directions and…

Early Childhood Education

How can Teachers Teach Kids With Learning Differences in the Classroom

By NDFAdmin on 18th Jun 2020

t’s no secret that not every student will learn the same way or at the same place. While learning independently…

Early Childhood Development

Why We Should Include Children in Food Preparation

By Vesna Zečević on 18th Jun 2020

Including children into ‘kitchen work’ demands a lot of time, patience, and cleaning, but these activities are very much worth…

Early Childhood Education

How to Talk to your Child about Politics

By Anne Steinhoff on 5th Jun 2020

With the next US presidential election around the corner in November, politics seem to be everywhere: online, on TV, and…

Early Childhood Education

The Benefits of Toy Library

By NDFAdmin on 5th Jun 2020

Sidney Sheldon, an American writer, and successful producer once acknowledged that “Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They…

Early Childhood Education

Audiobooks for Kids: For or Against?

By Sanja Petrovski on 5th Jun 2020

n a very short time, audiobooks became very popular and broadly used, not just among adults, but also among children…

Early Childhood Development

Resources That Can Help You Talk With Your Child About Racism

By NDFAdmin on 4th Jun 2020

iven the recent events following the tragic death of George Floyd, we have been once more reminded how important it…

Early Childhood Development

Paternity Leave: Fact or Fiction?

By Kristina Lalova on 3rd Jun 2020

p to this day, fathers underrepresent the take-up in parental leave all over the world. Some countries are more progressive…

Early Childhood Development

Preschool Teacher’s Tips: How to Help a Child Adjust to Reopening of Preschools after the Pandemic

By Nataša Malešev on 1st Jun 2020

s a preschool teacher, during the pandemic, my colleagues and I have worked in entirely different, changed conditions compared to…


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