The program “Support, not Perfection” has been successfully implemented in cooperation with our partners Generali Insurance Serbia and The Human Safety Net. These are the impressions of Nevena, Katarina, Dragana, Jasna, and Gordana, who attended workshops in Šabac.

Nevena Jovičić

Jovičić Family

My name is Nevena Jovičić. My family consists of my husband Milan, my daughter Nikolina, and our son Nikola. Nikolina claims to have “two dads” because Nikola is the child of my present marriage and she is a child of my first marriage.

I started attending the program “Support, not Perfection” at the suggestion of Nikolina’s preschool teacher. I believe that, as human beings, we are not perfect and that we should work on improving ourselves throughout our lives. Every workshop held meaning for me, as I gained fresh insights and practical counsel. I’ll draw attention to messages, praise, reward systems, self-care, anger management, inappropriate behavior, and the influence of electronic devices. I listed almost everything because, as I said, everything was useful to me.

In my opinion, the program is already perfect; I wouldn’t change it. Since it is free and incredibly beneficial, the only thing I would modify is to make attendance mandatory for everyone in our nation. It is advisable to attend often and pay close attention, and I would suggest the program to all parents. Overall, only positive things to say.


Katarina Rapkić

Rapkić Family

Long ago, during the Nemanjić dynasty, falconry was a noble kind of predatory bird hunting. Together with dad Semiz (37), mother Katarina (35), son Mateja (6), and daughter Aurora (3), our family still reflects the spirit of those past days. Our community also includes our birds of prey, of which we have eight, four dogs, and one African hedgehog.

We had no idea parenting would be so difficult when we became parents to our two angels. The obstacles of parenting became unpredictable as the children’s actions evolved with age. From the moment I began to follow Novak Djoković and his foundation on social media, I aspired to be one of the parents who could attend the “Support, not Perfection” program.

When I heard that the program will start, I was looking forward to the upcoming period since I knew I would get all the answers I needed there! And that’s exactly what happened! Together, with the help of ten fantastic workshops in a warm environment, excellent facilitator, and other attendees, we began resolving our everyday and various parenting issues.

For me, as a mother, the most impactful thing was realizing that we, as parents, matter too! Being a parent does not require us to abandon our relationships or ourselves; if we are content and satisfied, it will reflect in our kids.

When his sister arrived, my son—a peaceful, intelligent boy who enjoys cuddling and laughter—became jealous and angry. He could not understand that Mom loves them both equally. When I began actively listening to him and assisting him in his curiosity, I noticed a number of improvements, but most importantly, the messages were essential in resolving an important part of the issue. Although my daughter is quite different, she frequently experiences hysteria, crying, and angry outbursts when things don’t go her way. We have been able to solve this issue with a little bit more love and support when we, as parents, use the strategy of respecting the child as an adult and their feelings.

I am grateful to the “Support, not Perfection” program for giving me the necessary tools to become a better parent and, above all, a better version of myself!


Dragana Marković

Marković Family

I’d like to meet my family: son Teodor (2), daughter Teodora (6), dad Nemanja (29), and mother Dragana (30). I made the decision to attend the workshop because both my husband and I had a very difficult childhood.

We want to give our kids everything that was not given to us because I want them to grow up in a healthy household and have a great childhood. That’s why this program was ideal for us. Every workshop had something unique to offer, and we all left with something significant that will be crucial to us going forward. Since this is a program that everyone should experience and put into practice, we would advise everyone to attend all ten workshops. We are very grateful to you for the “Support, not Perfection” program because it is very significant to us.


Jasna Nikolić

Nikolić Family

Although our family is traditional, we gladly accept contemporary parenting styles. Ten-year-old Sara is a kind, funny ballerina. Despot (5) always delivers nice words and strong small embraces. They are true children, with pure souls and the most beautiful smiles.

The workshop “Support, not Perfection” was valuable for us. The facilitator is a hybrid of modern and traditional, much like our family, which is the first reason. Years of professional experience combined with several contemporary ideas, such as availability, attendance, and unconditional encouragement. Jelena Djokovic worked with Shefali Tsabary, one of my favorite authors, and our tastes matched.

The workshops in Šabac were enjoyable, practical, engaging, and relevant. It is really significant. The sessions provide free tools for solving everyday parenting challenges. This might serve as a guide for parents who have never worked on themselves to get started. The workshops serve as both a source of support and a knowledge check to make sure we are going in the right direction.

We are humans; we are not perfect. We want our children to grow up in a home where they feel free to be themselves, which is why we are here to take responsibility for them, protect them, believe in them, and support them. Errors are to be expected, and flaws are common. Failure is just a step on the way to success.

In our parenting, it’s not about perfection. It’s about connection.


Gordana Pavličić

Pavličić Family

My name is Gordana Pavličić, I work as a primary school teacher, and I am thirty years old. My story of parenting is not entirely common. It took me six long years to battle like a lion to become MOM. I gave birth to Helena on my birthday, my strength, my pride, and my victory, after a lot of ups and downs. From that moment on, everyday small battles began in which the winner was often unclear: Helena or dad and I.

We frequently found ourselves in a situation where we were unsure of how to act appropriately or what was best for the child and for us at that particular time, even after reading numerous books on childrearing, listening to numerous theories on parenting, and receiving numerous helpful and less helpful pieces of advice from the environment. Then, inspired by my goal to be the best version of myself in every aspect of my life, especially as a mother, I learned about the program “Support, not Perfection,” to which I applied. The name and the concept of the program actually interested me.

To be honest, at the beginning, I was not entirely convinced that every participant from workshop to workshop would truly liberate themselves and develop the confidence to openly discuss their most intimate moments with their child with the facilitator and other participants. But it turned out that the assertion was accurate. I find that the facilitator’s advise and the experiences of other parents are quite applicable and helpful in figuring out the best method of action in daily situations. The quick pace of life and numerous seemingly essential activities often cause us to forget that every hour we spend with our child is of enormous importance in their upbringing.

I felt better, happier, and more prepared to handle the situations that faced me after every session. I gained better understanding of my little girl’s needs and feelings, as well as how to control my emotions and stop reacting impulsively. I discovered the value of giving our joint efforts my whole attention. I became successful at praising and disciplining kids. I discovered how to look after our relationship and myself. The most significant thing I learned—among many other things, perhaps—was that I no longer needed my child to be perfect in every manner. I learned that the support we provide to our child every day actually leads to perfection, because every child is perfect in their own way.


Hajnalka Biro Križan

Križan Family

Hajnalka is my name, and I’m 39 years old. I am a mother and a construction engineer. I grew raised in a Hungarian-speaking surroundings in Ada, Vojvodina. Zoltan, my spouse, is a 43-year-old Subotica native who works as a construction engineer.

Our personal story started fourteen years ago when we met by total coincidence in Subotica, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. We lived and worked in Gornji Milanovac after the wedding, but we had to leave when the project was finished. Our job involves outdoor work, and it requires a lot of travel and frequent relocation.

We were able to travel throughout Serbia and experience a variety of cultures, customs, and landscapes because of a number of projects. But this lifestyle was not suitable to raising a family. Doubts, concerns, and fears abounded regarding our ability to succeed in the profession while simultaneously marveling at the wonders of parenthood while separated from our families and without support.

The road also took us to Šabac, where our daughter Kinga arrived two years ago. It was both a huge adjustment and a great joy when she entered our lives. moved from dynamic and strenuous daily activities to a monotonous, quieter and more lonely world, full of challenges and worries. After Kinga’s first birthday, I went back to work and she started kindergarten. I heard about the program from the teacher, which immediately interested me, so I signed up.

I believe that this type of training is necessary because parenting is much more complex than any other profession. In reality, being a good parent is a skill that we learn through practice without prior training.

Regretfully, I was unable to join the group because of the limited spots, and I would have given up on joining if our facilitator hadn’t personally invited us after a few months, as she had promised at the first meeting. I was sincerely amazed and happy by her approach.

The program’s main benefits, for me, were the connections and new friends I made in an unfamiliar town. It was great to hear the experiences of other parents and experts, so that we don’t have to go through it all alone. I am grateful of every parenting couple’s tale since it inspired and strengthened me. I owe this program for the increased attention I now provide my family.

Every parent, in my opinion, yearns for support, attention, and assistance because achieving independence is challenging. I heartily suggest this program to any parent as it fosters a supportive, helpful, and advice-giving environment for participants.

New workshops within the program “Support, not Perfection” are waiting for us soon; follow us!