What Causes Brain Injury?

by NDFAuthors

  • Jan 30, 2015

Find out more about the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and what they do for the Brain Injured Children and learn what causes the Brain Injury in the first place.

Historically, children diagnosed with developmental delay, cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, learning problems, dyslexia, and a host of other symptomatic diagnoses have been considered hopeless.

But they are NOT hopeless. Instead they have a tremendous potential to achieve normality  physically, intellectually, physiologically, and socially.


Some fifty years ago, there was no effective treatment for children with neurological problems. Instead, they have often been medicated, warehoused and simply, FORGOTTEN. Some of these things are happening even today.

Glenn Doman and his Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential had found a different way to help these children and their parents, and give them a chance to be well no matter how severe brain injuries a child has suffered.

In the beginning, the children that were admitted to the Institutes, used to live there and did their programs there. However, the IAHP staff has quickly realized that parents could be taught how to do each part of the program, in turn permitting the children to stay at home in the environment they were happy the most.


This has proven to be the turning point in the treatment of the brain injured children. The environment of the loving family is what helped the brain injured children achieve results faster.

Read some of the success stories of children who went through these programs to find out more.

The great thing the Institutes do is that they design programs to treat the brain injury, and NOT THE SYMPTOMS of the injury.


Because treating the brain is effective – treating the symptoms IS NOT.

This is what makes their programs revolutionary in nature.


What Are Some of the Causes of the Brain Injury in  the First  Place?

Science knows of at least a hundred factors that can hurt a good brain subsequent to that instant of conception but there may be thousand of factors not yet discovered.

Here are some of the reasons why baby’s brain can get injured, and it doesn’t all have to be due to a trauma:

  1. A child whose mother and father have an incompatible Rh factor sets up a blood incompatibility between mother and child. This can hurt a good brainRh-Factor
  2. A child whose mother had German measles or some other such contagious disease during the first three months of her pregnancy, or even later in the pregnancy. This can hurt a good brain.baby-receiving-vaccine
  3. A child whose mother, during her pregnancy, goes through periods when she doesn’t get enough oxygen to supply her needs and the baby’s. This hurts baby’s brain.tired-pregnant-woman
  4. A baby who is born prematurely and who is simply not “done” yet when he is ejected into the world. Babies rarely survive if born prior to the seventh prenatal month, but from the seventh month onward, each additional day makes survival more likely. Of all the factors that may be associated with brain injury, this factor of prematurity comes up most often in the IAHP case histories – in fact about three times as often as you would expect purely on the basis of chance. This does not, of course, mean that a premature baby will necessarily be brain-injured beyond the point that most of us are brain-injured.  premature-baby
  5. If a baby is a post-mature. Apparently these babies are “too done” as it were, though again (as with most such conditions) the question of what is the cause and what is the effect is not easy to answer. It is possible that in some of these circumstances it is the brain injury that causes the post-maturity or the prematurity and not the other way round. Nonetheless, these factors are very commonly seen and are associated with hurt children.  mother-holding-feet-of-a-newborn
  6. Babies whose mothers had large amounts of X-rays during pregnancy can be born brain injured; even small amounts during the early days can apparently be harmful. Most radiography departments are reluctant to X-ray mothers during pregnancy, particularly during the early days of pregnancy, but this sometimes occurs when mother is unaware that she is pregnant.  


To read more about potential ways for a baby to be born brain injured, visit IAHP’s site.

Traumatic  Brain Injuries after  the Birth

Brains can also be injured AFTER THE BIRTH.  One does not need to be a tiny baby born brain injured. That can happen to any of us, no matter how “good” brain we had before.


Injuries that may cause brain injuries include:

  • blows to the head,
  • lack of oxygen from suffocation,
  • smoke inhalation,
  • poisoning or near drowning,
  • hemorrhages,
  • brain tumors,
  • infections,
  • penetrating wounds,
  • strokes and etc.

Because the brain is such a complex mechanism, every brain injury is different.

Read more on Everything you Didn’t Know About Traumatic Brain Injury to get more insights on the types of brain injuries.

As you could read in the text, brain injuries can happen to any of us for a number of reasons.That doesn’t mean that we can not be helped, that our lives are useless, or that children born brain injured could not be raised to be independent and intelligent young people.


The society naturally assumes that if someone is brain injured, they have little or no intelligence. But know that there is no relationship between brain injury and intelligence, but there is a significant relationship between brain injury and the ability to express intelligence.

Everyone can be helped. The approach to how we attempt to help them is what makes all the difference.


Novak Djokovic Foundation will host IAHP’s director Douglas Doman, who will hold the lecture on how to help the brain injured children, as well as lecture on how to help well babies achieve their full potential. The lecture will take place on 22nd of February in Crowne Plaza in Belgrade, Serbia. The places are limited, and in following days, we will open the registration for any interested parents of brain injured children and well children who would like to attend his lectures. Admission will be free upon registration.

More on Douglas Doman and the Instititutes

Douglas Doman is the vice director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. As president of The Institutes in Europe, he is responsible for The Institutes operations and families throughout Europe.

The Institutes are a group of nonprofit institutes founded by Glenn Doman in 1955. The Institutes are internationally known for their pioneering work in child brain development. The objective of The Institutes is to help all children achieve intellectual, physical, and social excellence.

When the Institutes began more than a half-century ago, it was thought that very young children were not able to learn much. Many thought at that time that intelligence was genetically determined and essentially unchangeable. Glenn Doman and his early team questioned this notion. They proposed that the brain had enormous potential and that this potential was not being fully realized. They wanted to give children a chance to be whatever they wanted to be and to be the very best they could achieve.

Over the many years that the Institutes have had the privilege of teaching parents, they have discovered that children really can learn absolutely anything that can be taught in a loving and happy way.

As the son of Katie and Glenn Doman, Douglas grew up on The Institutes campus knowing the brain-injured children on the clinical program. Douglas’s early years on the staff were spent creating the School for Human Development, a school for brain-injured young adults. He and his staff created the world’s first Human Development Course, a circuit utilizing physical activities that promote brain organization and development.