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Your Child’s First Sporting Event

by , 21st Aug 2016

Parents pass down so many physical and personality traits, and one thing many parents can’t wait to pass down to their children is their love of sports! 

Taking a child to his or her first professional sporting event can be fun and exhilarating but can also be nerve-wrecking and overwhelming. That is why it’s important to be prepared before you go to make the occasion as memorable and positive as possible.

What is the right age to bring your child to a sporting event? Unfortunately there’s typically no rule to follow for that so use your best judgment and make sure your child is at the age that both you, and he or she, will be comfortable. Take into consideration how loud the event may be – should you bring headphones just in case to protect your child’s ears? Also be wary of climate conditions – don’t forget to hydrate, use sunscreen or bring a jacket, depending on the forecast. If your child is comfortable in his or her surroundings, it’ll make the event way more fun for all!

Most children will be too young to really understand and follow what’s going on at a sporting event, so how do you keep them entertained? Snacks are always a must! And getting them a piece of memorabilia from the team shop (like a flag, ball or toy car) will keep them occupied and is a great souvenir from your time together.

If you’re a diehard sports fan, you have to come to terms with the fact that you probably won’t be paying much attention to the game if you’ve brought your child. But this is your opportunity to take your focus away from the score and teach your child about what’s going on and the rules of the game. This special bonding time is priceless.

Also, don’t forget a camera – you will definitely want to capture all of the memories! Going with my 3-year-old cousin to his first professional baseball game is something I’ll never forget because of the great pictures I captured. His favorite part of the game was definitely doing the “Mexican wave” but I know he also enjoyed learning all about the sport in person from his dad and the atmosphere around him.

Have you taken your child to his or her first sporting event? Or, do you remember yours as a child? Share your memories in the comment section below!


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  •' Anastasia says:

    I recently took my child to her first sporting event and she loved it.. these tips are right!

  •' Igor Terzic says:

    Parents are often eager to have their child opt for a sport that will be more interested and thus subordinated to all its ambitions to what the sport can give a child.
    AmOZI lot, no matter what the sport is all about good and suitable for the child as it develops its psychological, physical and locomotor apparatus and socialize him with other children who were there for the same reason as well as your child.
    Skills to be acquired by hard work and dedication will be able to shape their lives according to their own needs and make your body more resistant to all the illnesses of the child growing up and maturing into a complete and smart, responsible individuals.
    Only when the first clear signs of not less excuse to get in to work around school and spends more time with dsrugarima, your child will learn the correct way to balance between their obligations and their desire and there we find a happy medium in which everything will be able to to achieve and not stagnate in any field that everyone is important for proper growth and development.
    The first encounter with the sport to children should be fun and interesting, innovative, because it so you will be persuaded to remain loyal to what he chose, and thus participate actively in making their personal engagement and contributes to greater participation sport in the child’s life, such as get the healthy environment in which children can express its full potential, normally without any pressure of parents who want their child to just be the best at what they chose.
    You need to let things take their course and just watch your child does not go too far in and too much to gain skills in premature age, as this loses the game and becomes a slave of unnecessary childhood parental aspirations for the child to show you the best quality for a sport that is chosen, but on the contrary, that we let the kids enjoy what they are doing in a way that they do not represent the load in their growing up and maturing.

  •' Goran says:

    I went with my school kids to watch gymnastics when it was in our city and it was amazing experience for all of us. It’s really amazing to watch them how they enjoy and what kind of things they notice.

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