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Talking Publicly About The Charitable Giving

by , 26th Dec 2016

It is an absolute privilege and honor to be in a place where you can affect someone’s life meaningfully. I can tell you that from my personal experience.

Many of us think that not everybody can do something meaningful because in our world almost all the measurements come in $$$. By the end of this blog post, I will show you how to influence a change without money involved.

Here is what I think, and I encourage you to share your opinion with me:

Every morning I wake up and turn on my computer to check what is going on in my country and world wide. I am sure that many of you have similar habits.

Browsing through headlines I can learn things like: “Number of people shot in a crossfire in X country”, “New victim found murdered by a serial killer”, “Vandals trash the schoolyard”, “Mr. X bought new Ferrari”, “X wears a watch/dress/purse that costs insane amount of money”, and etc.

Yes, of course these news put me in a negative mood. There are so many extremes out there. Someone is shot, economy is in crisis, people are homeless and hungry, students cannot find jobs, someone is extremely rich and appears as if he/she doesn’t care about the poor…and yet it seems that there are no news about positive things happening around us.

We are in tough times, trying to break through, but it seems to me that all the good news don’t even stand a chance to reach us because of the amount of bad news happening and being pushed on top of news feed. This almost made us believe that there is nothing good out there. I know you know this is not true. I understand that we need to be aware of the danger around us (murderers, job layoffs, crisis, etc), but we should also be aware that there are many people working day and night to help others, unselfishly. Everyday some person does something inspiring and good. Wouldn’t you want to know more about it?

Out of this situation a new trend was born.

Talking about charitable giving became a taboo in some countries. Many started believing that we should not talk about it publicly. They say:

If you are doing it, do it from the heart and do it privately. Otherwise you are only doing it for the sake of your PR.

We at the #NDF can tell you that we thought the same for many years. We were helping kids gain access to the good health care. We were helping athletes and sport clubs, monasteries, and cities damaged in flood. We did plenty of things, but we did not speak about them publicly. I wonder how many smiles news about our doings would have evoked, if we only shared them with you. How many people would have been inspired to do something similar?

Unfortunately, because there is very little said about charitable giving in media, we tend to believe that it is for a good reason. It is not! Scandal, pain, sex, violence sells. We learned that lesson.

Why should it be more normal to read in newspapers how much money one has,what one owns, where one goes for vacation, and so on, than about someone doing a good deed and helping another human being?

People are ok to talk about their heritage and wealth, but charitable giving for them is something very private and not to be talked about. I really believe it shouldn’t be that way. Everything in moderation of course, but not to talk about it at all is a bit too extreme, don’t you think?.

We need to beat this trend. If charity foundations can talk about it, private individuals should do it,too. At the end of the day, we don’t have to wait for somebody else to do something. Each and every one of us can make a difference – and talk about it to inspire others to join him!


If we start demanding more positive news, we will get them. If things like this happen more in our community, we will read about them. If these news generate so many clicks,  and so much attention – these news will be the first ones to pop on the top of your news feed!

It’s a very straightforward strategy that we can implement. Then, charitable giving would not be such a taboo. It will be a normal thing that happens everywhere around us.

It will become something that defines us. We will be less selfish. We will be more team oriented. We will influence the mood of the society.

We would be waking up with a smile on our faces, reading about good things in this world.

So next morning when you browse through news, make sure you find the news about somebody doing a good deed, helping another person, or even the whole community. And  please, click on that news, leave a comment, and share it on your Twitter and/or Facebook account. Invite as many people to do the same. Let’s start our days with good, positive and inspiring news!

Remember what we always say at #NDF?


Here is my big dream.

Let me know what you think, I enjoy reading your thoughts.


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  •' shagorika says:

    When you think from your soul great things happen which is being done by you Jelena and NDF & off course NOVAK we need to be compassion sensitive and kind first to inspire others god bless much love

  •' Gautham says:

    This is great article on how an NGO should be and how there thoughts about to be. Yes off course myself believe that the NPO”s activity should be widely given attention in the News at present its not happening as New Channels are interested in more News which attracts common man easily.But from now on after read this beautiful article while I browse through news, I will make sure to find the news about somebody doing a good deed, helping another person, or even the whole community. Thanks Nole & Jelena.

  •' Mallika says:

    I agree on everything that has been said here, its high time that people stop thinking that charitable deeds can be done by ‘rich’ people only. I believe that we can all help through some little way, if not anything big. After all, if we read about such deeds in the news, then people do get inspired, start believing that there is goodness left in the world and are encouraged to do so as well.

  •' shagorika says:

    ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ yes however small you can create a ripple effect by one small act of compassion and kindness it could even be a warm smile at first but the energy that you use for right intentions magnifies and spreads as we all are connected someway or the other.much love to Nole and Jelena

  •' Chris says:

    Good news or bad news
    Audience figures drive what appears in the media – celebrity and shock stories generate high audience figures.

    Yes, the news is full of doom and gloom – an article about an escaped python killing two young boys will attract a larger number of readers than one about a snake conservation project …….

    But there are good news stories out there – you just have to look a bit harder. Here are two recent ones I liked:

    People see what they want to see
    ………….hear what they want to hear
    ………….read what they want to read

    You can present them with options.

    There is no single place for good news stories at the moment that I am aware of. Some countries are trying – Indonesia (@GNFI) and Finland (@goodnewsfinland) but one place would be great.

    How about a good news page on your blog site? This could be a summary and link to any good news story around the world.

    Or you could set up a Twitter/Facebook account – if people share good news on social media it could result in individuals receiving too many duplicate entries about the same news, which could be counterproductive.

    Charitable giving
    There is a difference between a charity as an organisation, and charitable works by celebrities.

    Some people will attack celebrities for charitable works, saying it is just for PR – sad but true, so I understand why many are quiet about it. I don’t think other individuals hide their charitable giving, I just think they don’t talk about it.

    Charities with a range of funding sources should be open and talk about what they do.

    NDF is a charity raising money now from many sources – you need to talk more about what you do – have done – and will do. What projects are you hoping to fund? How much will it cost to achieve them? What is your timescale? How many people have contributed to your project?

    Talk about it – inspire people – motivate people to give – you will continue to make a difference.

  •' Sandro Soramae says:

    this post is great and it’s what we’ve always thought about good news and bad news with our project getting across all Europe by fair means from London to Istanbul…passing through Belgrade.

    We met fantastic people around Europe and some of them are working with us.

    There are more things beyond money and you are perfectly right.
    Kids should learn from that than they will change our world!

    following you with great interest

  •' Steph says:

    The best ideas are the simplest ones.
    I thought of two Dutch proverbes reading your post. The first one being “Goed voorbeeld doet goed volgen” which means good examples trigger more good deeds. It made me realise that children really need to hear and read about doing things for others, otherwise, how are they supposed to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around one person, but around everyone, the earth itself and all creatures of nature included. Not that I didn’t know that already, but somehow I just saw again, more consciously now.
    The second one is for you at NDF: “Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet” and it means that when you do good, you receive good in return. You deserve it!
    Keep up the good work. I’ll keep my eye out for good news and share whenever I find some!

  •' Ajla says:

    That’s really great story Jelena. I would like to do something similar like you. Good luck 😉

  •' susan says:

    what a great inspiration jelena is. her and novak are truly lovely people good luck and i hope this blog becomes the start of something really worldwide 🙂 ps and their team of people to..

  •' Vivian says:

    I always love what Jelena writes. It is true that there are far more negative news than positive ones, so I think that Jelena is right–find positive news and share with your friends. Moreover, find some things that you can do to help others. Do and share things with others, and your life will be even more incredible!

  •' Melanie says:

    What a great article! I truly enjoyed reading it and you are absolutely right about bad news making headlines. I hate all this negativity that’s around us. I truly hope that good news will begin to prevail again in the near future. Please, continue sharing your efforts in helping others. It is very inspiring!

  •' Krishna pradeep says:

    You’re truly awesome Jelena, what you drafted is very true and need that change. Let me do my possible help by pinning someone who does run charity to let them know what you are thinking , I believe that they consider moving towards you on this topic. More power to you from India, I’ve been keenly watching you from thousands of miles and keeping my self up to date as far on your good deeds. Believe me I don’t see you on news papers/magazines but more on social websites. You are reputed and renowned already, sustain to strive continually for a huge surge / thrive in a long run. You inspire the whole world. All the good luck..!!!

  •' Deborah Vantol says:

    Well ready these words just made my day. Often I just go through stores saying hi or nice shoes, pretty hat and when they look up and smile and say thank you it makes my day.
    Last year in Cincinatti I said to you, its nice to see you back young man and you turned around and must have sensed I was older and took my hand and said, thank you so much. It was the only tournament I have ever been able to attend and you made it all worth while. Love to you and your family.

  •' 토토안전사이트 says:

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