How a Backyard Trampoline Improves Children’s Growth and Activity

Parents always keep searching for the best ways and toys to assist their beloved kids’ better development. Among all the available options to enhance children’s perfect growth, a backyard trampoline is something special since it assures multiple benefits for the children whenever they jump on it.

Jumping on trampolines accelerates kids’ development in multiple ways since it is possibly the most liked acrobatic activity that almost all the kids are fond of. Trampolining assures kids’ growth with lots of fun and joy. At the same time, it reduces harmful screen time and engages the kids in physical activity. Even studies show that a backyard trampoline exercise can significantly improve the balance and motor performance of children who have intellectual disabilities.

Here are 6 fundamental benefits of backyard trampolines by which children’s development and better growth are assured.

1. Increases health and fitness

According to the research report of NASA, trampolining is a more efficient exercise than running. The true tact is that ten minutes bouncing on a trampoline provides better exercise than thirty minutes running. It’s amazing! Trampolining increases heart rate while strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system. It also helps in maintaining a healthy weight as well as prevents childhood obesity. While playing on the backyard trampoline, skin exposes to sunlight. Therefore, kid’s skins receive Vitamin D from the sun. According to Vitamin D Council, this helps muscle function, cardiovascular function, brain development, immune system, and the respiratory system. This also acts as an anti-cancer treatment.

2. Improves coordination, balance, and motor skills

Bouncing on the trampoline increases a certain level of motor skills, coordination, and balance for kids. While jumping, trampolines constantly change the center of gravity. In this case, children have to respond quickly to adjust their bilateral movements and positions. This enhances their power of coordination as well as strengthens muscles and limbs. Bouncing on a trampoline is also good for toddlers and physically disabled children to develop their bodies as well as minds. Truly, playing on the trampoline improves dexterity and kinesthetic awareness to a great extent.

3. Helps in anxiety, autism, and sensory issues

Several studies say trampolining can be a good remedy for autism, sensory issues, and other special needs. The rhythmic bouncing is very soothing that stimulates kids’ senses. This is why trampolines are used as therapy for kids with a sensory processing disorder. Jumping on a trampoline can do a positive effect on the impulse control and behavior of children with autism and special needs.

“When I was seven or eight, I got a trampoline. My dad used to say to me all the time, ‘Come on with the head,’ and then pass the ball to me as I jumped. I really think it’s helped my heading game because I practiced this all the time with my dad”.

Alvaro Morata, a Spanish professional footballer.

4. Learning made easy

Trampolining helps kids to improve their learning skills. Several trampoline models include educational accessories for kids. While jumping, they can familiarize themselves with different letters, colors, shapes, counting, and many more things. It is also helpful to optimize the kid’s screen time and makes them confident. Playing in trampolines improves kid’s concentration on learning. It is one type of exer-learning that combines exercise and learning.

5. Assures happiness and better sleep

When children bounce on the trampolines, the oxygen circulation stimulates largely that works as a mood changing. Repetitive up and down jumping on a trampoline enhances their sensory skills and makes them happy. By exercising on the trampoline, getting fresh air, reducing physical and mental stress, trampolining tackles sleep issues that give children better sleep. According to a study conducted by some researchers of the University of Konstanz, Germany trampolining can enhance the sleep cycle period.

A backyard trampoline is something special since it assures multiple benefits for the children whenever they jump on it.
A backyard trampoline is something special since it assures multiple benefits for the children whenever they jump on it.

6. Develops social skills

While jumping on a trampoline, kids follow their parents’ instructions. If there are a few fellow trampoliners, children have to wait for their turn. These increase their skills of cooperation, social bonding, respecting others, time management, etc. If you have several kids, then a trampoline can be a great way to develop their social skills.

Trampolining has an abundant number of benefits for kids. Usually, kids’ trampolines provide safe and cushion bounce that greatly helps kids’ growth with fun. They are easy to install and quite affordable. So, don’t miss a backyard trampoline for kids. Hopefully, your kids will grow better with trampoline exercise!

Guest post author: Adam is a family guy who tries to find joy by having a good time with his friends and family. Spending some quality time in his backyard and have a good trampoline moment is something he loves dearly.