Nowadays, stress is not foreign to young people. From an early age, they can experience stress caused by various sources, such as the pressure to succeed, poor nutrition, emotional neglect, or limited educational opportunities.

Each of these factors can hinder a child’s ability to learn and grow without anxiety.

Recognizing that the development of a child’s emotional intelligence is crucial at an early age, we partnered with The Hawn Foundation and decided to introduce the MindUp program to Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. MindUp is an innovative program developed in the United States by a team of teachers, psychologists, and neuroscientists.


  • Special curriculum

    The program consists of 15 lessons for children aged 4 to 14, that focus on mindful awareness, brain functions, expressing gratitude, perspective thinking, etc. MindUp is not meant to replace any part of the teacher’s curriculum, but to enhance how they teach and how children learn and approach life.

  • Training the lecturers

    We train the program lecturers and organize workshops for teachers. The goal is to help teachers integrate MindUP into their curriculum and encourage them to teach about the program in other preschools and primary schools.

  • Evaluation

    In cooperation with the Hawn Foundation, we monitor and evaluate the impact the program has on children’s behavior. Afterward, we report our findings to the Ministry of Education.

  • Focused on the goals

    The program’s goals are for children to learn to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and academic performance, understand the brain functions, manage emotions and behavior more effectively, develop greater empathy for others and the world and be optimistic, happy and resilient.


MindUp program helps children all over Serbia develop their emotional intelligence. Click on the map and take a close look.


Children impacted

Teachers trained

Parents supported


We wouldn’t have enriched the lives of so many children if it weren’t for the generous support of others.