With parents in mind, we have created two programs to support you on your journey. We don’t offer ready-made and easily applicable solutions to every problem you encounter along the way, but we do offer strategies and a support network to help you cope and solve common parenting issues.

Support, NOT Perfection

Support, NOT Perfection is a program that tells parents that it is perfectly okay not to be perfect because such a thing in parenting does not exist. Through a series of workshops overseen by trained facilitators, parents share their feelings with each other, learn about challenges and how to overcome them, and create a priceless support network that remains long after the workshops are finished. Starting in 2021, the program is scaled through the opening of Parenting Centers.

Path Of A Champion

Path of a champion is a program designed to help/support parents and their children at the early stages of their sports development. Find out how you can help and support your child on this journey without taking out the key ingredient of every success: fun.


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