There is strength in numbers. By joining forces with organizations that share our values, we can change the lives of even more children.

Throughout the years, we have cooperated with numerous institutions, foundations and companies that also recognize the importance of early childhood development.

Take a look at the amazing projects we implemented together.


Between 2000 and 2013, the total number of children placed in care in Serbia rose by 42%. For that reason, in 2013, our Foundation supplied the initial funds to launch The Family Outreach Worker service, the result of a collaboration between UNICEF and the Serbian Ministry of Labor, with the specific goals of helping families stay together. The initiative was also presented to Her Royal Highness Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The budget was $250,000 per year for three years. By 2016, x adults and x children have benefited from the program.

Novak Djokovic Foundation’s impact can also be measured across the pond and down under – from America to Australia.


In the first quarter of 2016 alone, Novak Djokovic Foundation made a donation to support Miami’s Centro Mater center’s programs for disadvantaged children, as well as to Melbourne City Mission for its work with some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged young children. The donations were worth $20,000 each and on both occasions, our Foundation′s founder, Novak Djokovic, visited the institutions and created life-long memories with the little ones.

In 2016, we launched the Djokovic Science and Innovation Fellowship at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.


The aim of the Fellowship was to develop the next generation of academic change agents who will both contribute to advances in science and leverage those advances to inform, inspire, and mobilize key actors in the field of early childhood towards new solutions that yield breakthrough outcomes for children facing adversity.

Nine advanced-level doctoral students from Harvard University received the Fellowship from 2016 until 2020.

In 2018, the Novak Djokovic Foundation launched the Djokovic Scholars initiative in partnership with the University of Belgrade.


The aim of the initiative was to build academic and research leaders in the field of early childhood development, who will be advocating for quality preschool education policies and practices in Serbia. Within this cooperation, we supported the Faculty of Philosophy – Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy – providing two full scholarships to Ph.D. students with the research focus on early childhood development, and the costs of salary for one early-career academic (assistant), with the same research interests.

For a period of three years, we supported three students from the University of Belgrade.

Since 2014, in cooperation with PRIMA International School in Belgrade, we have been hosting walk-a-ton events that raise money for schools in need throughout Serbia.


Until now, the raised funds were donated to the primary school in Paracin for the purchase of new classroom furniture, to the primary school in Mackat for the purchase of new library books, to preschool in Pecinci for the refurbishment of their four workrooms, to preschools in Srbobran for the reconstruction of their playgrounds, and for the purchase of new equipment for satellite schools in Sremska Mitrovica, Aleksinac, Vlasotince, Smederevo, and Kragujevac

Thanks to more than 15,000 EUR raised, together we helped x children.

Nikola Tesla is a prominent figure in Serbian history, whose genius and legacy will keep making the world a better place for centuries to come.


To commemorate the 160th anniversary of his birth, we partnered with EIC TESLIANUM (the Energy and Innovation Center) and the Children’s Cultural Center of Belgrade and hosted a series of workshops that introduced children between five and seven years of age to the concept of reason and the subject of science in engaging and interesting ways.

Over the course of ten months, more than 2,000 children benefited from 35 workshops where they learned, experimented, played, and developed new skills.

Romanipen is an organization with a mission to engage the Roma population in an effort to improve their lives.


One program that they launched with considerable success was the Toy Library in Kragujevac: a place where parents can bring their children to socialize and play with one another in a fun environment.

To help them with their cause, we donated 12,000 EUR to Romanipen for both new toys and for the purchase of a van that would enable the Toy Library to have a mobile counterpart.

In May of 2015, we proudly partnered with the Canadian Embassy Choir in Belgrade to work with “Smeh i Suza”, a school in Aleksinac for children with unique needs and abilities.


Together we invested 3,700 EUR in the purchase of an interactive whiteboard and a digital logopedic device for “Smeh i Suza”, where every year around 60 children use and enjoy them on a daily basis.

In 2014 and 2015, we partnered with high-end chocolate company Art Ival and hosted an auction of artistic and intricate Easter eggs.


The eggs were true works of art and set the stage for evenings filled with good company, great food, and true community spirit.

The proceeds from the auctions in the amount of x EUR went to our Schools of Life program.

Although Novak Djokovic Foundation mostly focuses its efforts on improving Serbia’s future and social landscape, we have also acted internationally on numerous occasions. From one end of the globe to another, our founders’ generosity has not gone unnoticed.


Children helped

Parents supported

Young people empowered