In critical situations, children’s development is gravely affected. Crises caused by floods, pandemics, or financial instability leave scars on their childhood. 

That’s why our team is there to lend a hand in times of need.


The Novak Djokovic Foundation was established with an aim to help our region overcome numerous obstacles and to strive forward. We recognized that the most optimal and sustainable way to do so is to invest in early childhood development, which is why we singled it out as our mission. However, we couldn’t ignore the environmental and health crises that damaged cities, closed schools, ruined everyday life, and left people without their homes. In such troubled times, children’s development is threatened. They lose hope and their dreams.

But we believe that even when something is lost, it can rise again – like a phoenix. And, with the NDF family by their side, they can do so much more.


Flood Relief

Nature is mankinds best friend. However, when it unleashes its destructive force, it has the potential to obliterate entire cities and states. In such circumstances, many people find themselves in a hopeless situation. One such event occurred in Serbia in 2014 and NDF was there to help.

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Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 has been the highlight of world affairs since the pandemic broke out. Like all other countries, Serbia has gravely suffered and is still finding ways to recover. While not diverting from our mission, we at the NDF contributed to the countrys betterment regarding this significant and horrid event.

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Together we helped hospitals and schools throughout our region. Click on a map and take a close look.

Only by joint effors can we transform a crisis into a time of resilience, teamwork and solidarity.