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The Hidden Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children

Reading books aloud to children, no matter how old they are, has a variety of positive benefits besides engaging kids…

Five Books You Should Read on Effective Parenting

The issues children encounter may take a new shape that their parents did not face during their own childhood, so…

Books Every Teen Should Read

Among popular titles, we suggest three books every teen should read: Martin Eden, Sophie’s World, Death and the Dervish

Reading to Your Child

Raising a child who loves to read is a life long investment that pays its self in countless dividends and…

Child Who Loves to Learn

Studies attempt to define the word “smart” when it comes to our children.

How to Raise a Reader?

I loved reading as a child and have maintained this into adulthood. Yet, even I, a self-confessed bookworm, could read…

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