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We Donated Artificial Grass to a Preschool Where the Little Big Ones will Play

Novak Djokovic Foundation donated 250 square meters of artificial grass to the “Djurdjevak” preschool in the Belgrade municipality of Cukarica….

Diplomatic Tennis Helping Early Childhood Education

This past weekend, the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Belgrade organized a “Diplomatic Tennis Tournament for Children”. All…

The Magic of Season of Giving Lies in Love

The Christmas carols on the streets, the snow falling on your cheeks, the taste of hot cocoa on your lips,…

Little Iva has just one wish…to go to preschool!

Did you know that every other child in Serbia does not have access to preschool education? Every day they miss…

Mom, I want to go to preschool too!

Little Iva has her three favorite places in her neighborhood. The nearby market, where the kind saleswoman always gives her…

A boy who overcame his communication problems thanks to preschool education

Last year, people from all around the world came together and donated an amazing $31k for Novak’s 31st birthday fundraising…

What Is The Purpose of Preschool?

Nowadays, some kids as young as 3 to 5 are preparing for academic pre-knowledge. Studies show more efficient ways of…

Children Need Social and Emotional Skills to Be Kindergarten Ready and Reach Long-Term Success

Being ready for kindergarten is more than just learning letters and numbers.

The Journey of Early Childhood Education Through Time

For over 2,000 years  the issues of “why” and “how” to teach young children have engaged philosophers, psychologists and educators…

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