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Why not add ‘giving back’ to your ‘to-do’ list?

Most of us are constantly chasing after goals and ambitious results, in a rush to complete the endless ‘to-do’ list….

Little Iva has just one wish…to go to preschool!

Did you know that every other child in Serbia does not have access to preschool education? Every day they miss…

Mom, I want to go to preschool too!

Little Iva has her three favorite places in her neighborhood. The nearby market, where the kind saleswoman always gives her…

A boy who overcame his communication problems thanks to preschool education

Last year, people from all around the world came together and donated an amazing $31k for Novak’s 31st birthday fundraising…

Books that inspired children from all over Serbia to dream

Books open up a whole new world for children. A world that hides exciting adventures, undiscovered places and brave heroes….

The Global Partnership for Education

The  mission of the Global Partnership for Education is to galvanize and organize a global effort to provide good quality…

The Warren Buffett's Approach

Warren Buffett is making the deliberate stance to mobilize his time and resources towards shaping a more habitable world for…

Information on How to Donate to NDF

IMPORTANT: Information on how to donate to NDF.

CALL FOR HELP: Help the People Suffering in Floods

SEVERE floods have struck the people in Serbia these days, leaving thousands of children homeless, without food, water, warm and…

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