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Children Sports

From THE Champion to Future Champions: Novak Djokovic Foundation Continues to Encourage Children to Play Sports

Within our unique program “Path of a Champion”, we donated tennis balls to clubs throughout Serbia and organized a Kids…

When Should Kids Start Playing Sports?

When should kids start playing sports, given that their physical and mental development is highly individual?

Outdoor Activities for Children in April

There are plenty of outdoor activities for kids to do in April. Here are some of them.

5 TIPS that Can Help Your Child Learn Better

Read our tips about practical activities that can help your child excel intellectually from an early age.

Concussions in Youth Sports

Concussions have become a major source of debate in sports. As the stakes increase, players often risk their long-term health…

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids

Parents can use health and fitness apps for kids to encourage their children to stay active, eat well, and have…


We can learn a lot from professional athletes about motivation, skill and technique.

Yoga for Kids

Children live a busy life. Just as adults deal with the hustle, bustle and pressures of daily living, children do…

Child’s chances as a Winter Olympian

Last week I gave some ideas for keeping children entertained during the dank and dark winter months.

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