Novak Djokovic Online Shop Launch

by NDFAuthors

  • окт 06, 2014

I firmly believe that we can all be socially responsible and earn profits too. I choose to support programs and companies that give back.  

Sport is a multibillion dollar global business. Aside from the game itself, we have seen so many incredible athletes who have achieved so much by not just playing the game, but also having a positive influence in other fields. That I think is the mark of a great sportsman, to bring your best to every endeavor, and to strive to be the best role model you can be. Because the attention afforded to athletes is enormous, and our voice travels farther than I would once have thought possible. When I come out on a tennis court, I am watched by thousands of tennis fans in the stadium, and millions more worldwide through TV and live stream broadcasts. And with the rise of social media, people are commenting in real time on my shots, my tics, my rituals, my clothes. It can be odd to experience, for sure. But it also presents a real opportunity. It gives me a big platform, one that I’m proud to use. And it gives me space to engage myself in helping others.


I get asked on many occasions where fans can buy my match wear, rackets, and clothes with my name or logo on it. This is flattering, that they would seek to be more connected with me in this way. Up until now it was not possible to access everything in one place, and for many of my fans worldwide, the items were not available at all in their countries. So we have created an  Offical Online Store  that I am announcing today. The shop will serve two purposes: it will give my fans easy access to my gear. And it will generate money for the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which funds early childhood education projects.

All the royalty fees that I would otherwise receive from the sale of these items, I will direct towards my foundation.  It brings me great joy to invite you to support this initiative. Together we can be very much involved in improving lives of children in Serbia. For sure, it makes me personally very happy to see people wear shirts and hats and other memorabilia with my name and foundation on it. But I have a more important agenda too: as a father to be, I want my child to be proud of me not only because I can hit the yellow fluffy ball better than the other guy.  I want my child to be proud of me for using my name and time to help to promote good values. I want to be known as someone who wants to help children live fuller lives through quality education.

I firmly believe that we can all be socially responsible and earn profits too.  The companies I’m endorsing demonstrate this. Uniqlo, Seiko, Head, Adidas, Peugeot – every day, they run profitable programs that deliver good back to society.  I choose to support programs and companies that give back. And I surround myself with people who feel the same.

The Novak Djokovic Foundation is focused on the importance of children’s education, to help them fulfill their dreams, and granting them the right to play, develop and grow in a stimulating environment. This is one way of painting the world in colours of love and peace.

A big thank you for all your support!