Pursue Your Dreams

by NDFAuthors

  • Aug 05, 2013

Everyday life gives us challenges to overcome: either small ones or big ones. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to overcome all these difficulties alone and we may need help from someone else.

Being special sometimes entails big difficulties. Yet there is always something in common in every child: dream, hope and smile. But can everyone pursue their dreams? The answer must be YES.

If you do not believe it, please check out the Long brothers’ story.

Conner Long is nine year old boy and he has grown up with his youngest brother Cayden, who was diagnosed with a cerebral palsy when he was a really young boy.  Conner had a great idea how to play with his brother and decided to use a special wheelchair so that two of them can participate in triathlon competitions.

Today Long Brothers can laugh, run and enjoy playing together like other children.

With this young boy’s great idea which simply originated from the need of two kids to play together, Connor stroke down, unwittingly, a new barrier.

We have to thank these two boys for their wonderful story. They make us think about how many things can be realised if we only embrace differences between us! That way they become our strength and not a wall that divides us.

What are your thoughts? How do you embrace differences? How do they affect you?