Limiting Your Child's Media Exposure

by NDFAuthors

  • Mar 23, 2015

Have you ever thought why is it so important to limit your child’s media exposure, especially if your child is under the age of 2? Find out more about this in text below.

Experts don’t recommend television and other media exposure for children under the age of 2. Today, there are a lot of advertisements promoting educational DVDs, educational games, and things on tablets that you can do with young children.


Dr. Lee Beers explains that brief exposure isn’t harmful, but she suggests other kinds of healthy stimulations for children. He says:

The reality is that children under the age of 2 aren’t really able to process and understand media, therefore it’s not a good way for them to learn and we should avoid exposing them to it.

When you see little babies picking up things, putting them in their mouth, holding them, or crawling on them, they are actually learning. Babies learn by feeling, experiencing, and touching; things you can’t do with three-dimensional screens. It’s important for young children to be away from the screens and to learn in a real world.


Of course, we are aware that every mommy has to take a shower, do some housework, or make a dinner for the family. You can’t constantly be there sitting next to your baby entertaining it. It’s good for babies to learn how to play on their own. You can put your baby on the floor with a blanket, put a few toys and books in front of them and let them play and explore. Let them figure out how those things work. Give the babies the opportunity to play with toys and look at books independently. This really builds the foundation for early literacy and early learning, allowing babies to solve problems and develop love towards books later on – says Dr. Beers.


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