How to boost self-confidence in children and young adults?

by NDFAuthors

  • Oct 01, 2014

Embrace your Individuality, express your personality.


Self-esteem is how people feel about themselves. Low self-esteem can be extremely damaging and can have many negative outcomes, usually manifested in adolescent depression, suicide, bulimia, and substance addiction. Teenagers often struggle with their body images while trying to mirror the airbrushed fashion covers of their favorite film stars, consequently feeling like they are not good enough. In addition to that, they frequently feel pressured by the need to be accepted at any cost. Low self-esteem means low self-worth. Nurturing positive attitude towards oneself is something we do not teach children in schools. Self-confidence at young age is fragile and adolescents should be encouraged to share their hopes and concerns with their parents and peer groups. Encouraging children to think positively about themselves is of utmost importance for their personal development. confident-boy Back-to-school month not only brings a multitude of great things for an adolescent, but also some soul searching. Here are 4 tips serving as a daily dose of inspiration to help you boost and maintain your fabulous self.

Understand and grow your talents and skills

It is important to start investing in yourself from an early age. “Invest in what you know” is what I tell young boys and girls whenever they come to me seeking for advice. The more you know, the more confident you become with using and expressing your own skills and talents. For any great achievement a certain skill set has to be developed. Everyone has its mission to fulfill in life, and the sooner you are able to understand what your individual skillset is, the faster you will achieve it. Success is a process, it does not happen overnight, and every day that you spend learning and improving, you get closer and closer to becoming an expert in your chosen field. mission

Embrace your individuality, express your personality

People who achieved their goals had to embrace their individuality that did not necessarily conform to the established, societal norms. Celebrate your differences; it is important to stay in good faith and reinforce belief in yourself. The higher you go, the more pressure will have to endure. Additionally, you should always expect that there will be those who will try to oppose you. It is crucial that you start developing flexibility, adaptability and resilience. Keep reinforcing a positive attitude towards yourself. Love yourself.   What we think of ourselves is usually hidden after the statement “I AM”. So, grab a piece of paper and start writing all the loving and affirmative statements that follow “I AM”. action-reaction

Visualize your dreams

Professional athletes do visualization exercises all the time. When I interviewed world tennis No.1, Novak Djokovic, in  the Spectator Life, he revealed that as a child, with his late coach Jelena Gencic, he had regularly visualized winning Wimbledon:

We were listening to this wonderful music and doing visualization exercises. Her philosophy was that these exercises would open up my creativity and help me believe my dreams. She thought this would help me clarify the image in my mind of winning Wimbledon and becoming the best tennis player in the world”¦ One of the best and the most emotional moments of my life was when I brought the Wimbledon trophy to Jelena’s house and put it among all the trophies I used to admire when I was a kid.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it! dream

No matter how small, celebrate your achievements

Challenges come as the time passes by; it is absolutely normal to have ups and downs throughout life. What everyone will tell you is that you should learn from your mistakes instead of letting them stop you from believing in yourself.   Mistakes happen and they are a normal part of life. Resilience is the ability to bounce back; you have to be ready to crash and burn. However, being able to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements is equally important as owning your mistakes. No matter how small, success is always good to celebrate. Getting a good grade on the exam, learning a new language, acquiring a new friend, experiencing a new country or winning a sports competition; it is very important that you keep record of your achievements as a reminder that you are going in the right direction. Success is a journey; with each positive statement you make about yourself, you are one step closer to your destiny. great-news