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All They Need Is Love

by , 16th Dec 2013

Exactly twelve years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I asked Sasha, one of my colleagues who already experienced what it was like being a father, to reveal me the secret of successful parenting.

I asked some other friends and relatives the same thing as well. However, the response Sasha gave me, was the best advice I ever got on parenting – you should love your child with all your heart.

Children need and deserve our unconditional love. Although it goes without saying, feeling mere love in your heart for a child is not enough. You have to show your love through loving actions. Love is the basis for every parent-child relationship and a precondition for all other wonderful and precious things we can share with our children. You may wonder how I understood Sasha’s advice?

all-they-need-is-love-2When you love your child with all your heart, you want to show him or her the world as it should be. You try to point out how beautiful life can be, especially when you are surrounded by so many different people. You will think of various activities and challenging tasks for him, how he can spend time in exciting and creative ways. Loving your child means that you must have time for him. You will often have to explain your decisions and stick to what you have promised. Moreover, you will have to make compromises all the time, be affectionate and try to be there for your child when you are mostly needed.

You should always talk to your child, but also learn to listen what he or she has to say. Being a parent is to understand him. To read him bed time stories and lull him into sleep. To discuss about the things you have read with him. To buy him toys and play with all those things you might have bought for remorse you have had missed something very important. You will need to provide answers that make sense and do that thoughtfully.

Sometimes you will wait with your child in the theater’s lobby for the play to start, or you will take him to the cinema and laugh together at the very same movie characters you have at your own house. You will look forward to Christmas and New Year holidays not only because of the presents you put under the Christmas tree, but because you are decorating your living space together thus making it look like a real home, warm and cozy. You will reminisce the moments and people you have spent time with during the previous year. All these relatives and friends who gave you ornaments for the Christmas tree will come to your mind. Above all, loving your child is living every single moment of your lives with him.

Children are growing faster than we are getting older. At some point, they will be ready to leave and live on their own. Our problem as parents is that we are often not willing to let them go that easily. Because deep inside we know that we could have done better and a lot more for them. But we are running out of time to do so.

all-they-need-is-love-3As festive season is approaching, we all think about the time we will spend in a warm atmosphere of our home surrounded by the people we love most. Today I packed gifts for our friends with my children. Each of them has been chosen for a reason. I was watching my girls when it crossed my mind that no matter how I tried and how much I love them, I can never be worthy of their existence. The entire life can pass, but during that time we can barely understand how blessed we are for having the opportunity to become mums and dads. All the love we give to our children and all our loving actions are the last hope for us to deserve to have their little hands embracing us in the middle of a sleepy morning. In that dreamy moment, I know that you will share with me the same thought – we are tremendously lucky for being their parents.

Let us share such happiness not only with our own children but with every other child there is. Love can change the world, not just the world of children but the world around us as well. Love is not just a word. Sasha did not even have to tell me that.


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  •' igor terzic says:

    Surely the love and attention that selflessly in unlimited quantities we give our children a precondition for a beautiful and joyful childhood growing up as the child is important every moment I spend with them no matter what you are doing.
    Love is not only the relationship between parents and children, it is something to what we all aspire to reach that level desired effect that leaves the one who loves you and who are therefore happy and satisfied with that amount of joy that we share and that we are all happy and satisfied with those to accept that love as the most beautiful gift you can get from those to and mostly expected.
    Care with which we treat our children means we are on track to win their little hearts to our great effort to show them how much we love them and how much we are able to share their emotions with those of these emotions better and more beautiful live .
    Because love and care which obasiupamo our children we teach them that it’s the foundation of everything positive and good things could be further basis for building relationships in which the prevailing positive emotions that convey a variety of ways , and thereby influence the children to understand the importance of love as ncega table is so valuable and good , even better than najlepseg gifts that can be obtained and that it can not replace happiness they experience when they are approached with love and care which removes any problem an interruption in our relationship where we show our commitment to be better people and how we teach and our children.

  •' Maria Hadjistylli says:

    An amazing article expressing the unique feeling of love!
    Every child in this world deserves to be loved to the fullest and feel that unconditional love by its surrounding environment! In my opinion, children have their parents as their role models in life, so it is very important the way they receive love and parenting in general.
    Again congratulations of a wonderful topic and the way it was expressed!

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