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Welcome to NDF blog!

by , 29th Jul 2013

Hi everybody,

I would like to use this opportunity to welcome  you all to the new Blog of the Novak Djokovic Foundation. We’ve been all working very hard in the past months to make it happen so let me share with you the idea behind.

Through our work, we’ve been constantly asked “What is it that you do exactly?”, or “How do you help people/children?” or “What can I do to help you?” and many more similar questions. But you get the point. People want to know. People want to help. It is not always the question of money, there are many ways we can contribute and help and influence other people’s lives.

This is the purpose of creating the NDF blog. We want to share with you all of our findings, all the things that can inspire you, show you how other people do it, show you how we do it and why, recommend you the best practices, open up this whole new world to you. We are not alone in this world, and our purpose is far beyond just paying monthly bills and living for the next vacation.

In the era of social media and internet, you can find everything you are curious about – by yourself. The only problem is  – there is so many information out there that we can get lost, and at the end we won’t know what is true and what isn’t.

There are so many people today watching Reality Shows and TV Novellas just to get away from reality. Yes, with all the hard work we do and the stress of everyday life, we do need to make a break and watch something to distract us. It is normal. I started thinking with my team about Reality Show in a different way. What if we can share with you the reality we face by doing charity work? What are the good sides and the bad sides? Share with you as many video materials and photos as we can… make you see through the eyes of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

What if sometimes during the day/week you tune in here, and find some useful information about the education of the child, or nutrition, or what good and inspiring happened somewhere in the world, or how to complete a project for the benefit of the community…. wouldn’t that be more meaningful? What if spending a portion of your time here will inspire you to help somebody or many people? What if here you can learn and find tools to help you make a difference? Doesn’t that sound more attractive?

The truth is, we have this one life that we were given. In this one life, we have many opportunities to do good, to make a difference. Why should we be framed to believe that because we are not born into wealth, we cannot achieve big goals? Novak is a true example that you CAN and you WILL succeed if you work hard. He was not born into a wealthy family. He was not even born in a free country. Almost all the odds were against him. And there were not many people who offered a hand to him or his family on his way to the top. Believe it or not, he was just this random kid from the neighborhood who happened to be at the right place (on the mountain Kopaonik) at the right time (when workers were building a tennis court).

We always tell children and families to DREAM BIG. If you don’t, the chances of you doing something big in your life are quite slim. Actually, the chances are that you won’t even be motivated at times to get out of your bed in the morning, let alone changing the world.

We believe we can change the world by starting this blog, believe it or not.

We believe that every single one of you who join us in our mission, will make us one step closer to achieving our dream.

Philanthropy is team work. Each one of you can contribute. We all can help each other. We all can learn from each other.

We will share here all the useful information for families, parents, children, professors, neighbors. Information we find, the information you send us.

And we promise you, it will not be easy. Making a change is not easy, but that will not discourage us.

You will see that money cannot buy everything, and even if you have money, there is a big probability that it won’t be enough to achieve exactly what you wanted. The project you were hoping to finish in time, or the effect you were hoping to achieve… Remember how building your own house, or redecorating your own apartment, office…can be hard and sometimes impossible? But that doesn’t stop you from doing it.

We raise the money through our charity events. We want to put it into good use. We have good intentions. Sometimes good intentions and money are not enough. We need people. We need communities to join us and help us. We need children to want to learn. We need parents who want to educate their children. We need books, inspired professors to transfer the knowledge, healthy food that can give these children energy to last through the day and grow. We need lots of LOVE. And faith.

And we need you. To spread the word. To show us what you know. And believe with us that we can change this world to be a better place not just for us. But for future generations.

We are not alone. We are a team. NDF team.

Welcome to our blog!

Lots of love,

Jelena Ristic
Executive Director of Novak Djokovic Foundation


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  •' Elena Scuro says:

    The web site looks beautiful! Congratulations Jelena and team. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  •' Pink says:

    This is really brilliant! We have a great place to know more about NDF ! Can’t for more!

  •' Vera Savich says:

    Dear Jelena,

    I was very thrilled and honored to read your blog and hearing about the work your team and you do to help others in need in any way you can. No need to post this reply publicly but rather use it informatively or as a consideration of how I can be of help.

    I currently live and work in California (have been in the US for 10 years now) and for the past few years I’ve been working with underserved population in the area (i.e. at risk youth, reunification of families, providing case management, both individual and family psychotherapy, as well as group therapy, etc). Due to limitations of my licensing here in California, I won’t be able to provide any therapy to people in Serbia, but can offer my knowledge, resources, and experience and provide instead emotional support to those in need. As you might be aware, there is huge stigma attached to mental health issues in Serbia but yet there are so many people that are suffering from depression, have lost hope, may be in unhealthy relationships, or are suffering on a daily basis. These people might benefit from just having someone reliable they can talk to, write to, share their story and their fears, and all that under the umbrella of confidentiality. Having someone who will listen to them without any judgment, with unconditional emotional support, who can provide tools that might help them cope better with their highly stressed lives might be beneficial in many ways to those in need. How many women and children are emotionally, physically, or even sexually abused in Serbia and have no right support or guidance and feel stuck in their own suffering.

    I can go on and on now, but would love to talk to you further should you be interested in my modest contribution to those in need. If there is a place on NDF page where people can be informed about any emotional struggles, share their story with someone who can truly hear them and normalize their fears and experiences, increase motivation, or who can help their fragile self-esteem and instill hope for future, I would gladly provide my unconditional support to the best of my ability.

    I am so grateful for your work and wish there are more people in Serbia that would share your mission and commitment to help others in need.

    Unfortunately, I am not in a position to make any monetary contribution to your foundation, but have a heart and desire to make a difference in someone’s life. Should your team or you find that my idea or contribution can be a valuable asset to NDF, I would gladly discuss this with you further and elaborate on the idea.

    I can be reached at
    or by phone in the US @1- 650-271-3870.

    My warmest regards,


    P.S. GO NOLE!!!

  •' Vera Savich says:

    Addendum to my previous posting:

    Just wanted to add a note to my previous reply, as I realized that I have omitted an important note. Throughout my experience working with families and parents I have come to realization that we, (therapists, teachers, social workers, donators, etc) can do sometimes just a bread crumb for their children no matter how good, skillful, or experienced we are due to the fact that crucial and most influential people during child’s development and healthy upbringing are their parents. They are the ones who can provide the most beneficial support and encouragement to their children to help them build resiliency and develop healthy growth. Therefore, by addressing parenting issues, providing resources for parents on how to provide right encouragement or motivate their children during tough times, educate them about how their own emotional state can affect their children’s well being are just some of the ideas that could be useful if found on NDF website. It supports your mission about helping early child development and at the same time engages most important people in the lives of these children you are helping to.

    All the best,


  •' Evren Piskin says:

    Congrats…Big fan of Novak Djokovic..The website looks amazing.. I hope NDF will reach so many ppl and I am really excited to see your efforts to help achieve kids dreams all around the world..I live in San Francisco,CA. 150 public courts within 15 mile perimeter.Promoting tennis in places that dont have public courts should be a thought that NDF can acccomplish by charity events.I was born in Istanbul and did not see a single public court in the city.Soccer is every corner but not enough attention to tennis.Would love to hear your projects? Thanks

  •' shagorika says:

    Hi In this world some souls like Novak are born as ambassadors to teach us all there is more to life than your own needs …heartwarming what you have written jelena.May we all be inspired to be better human beings and children are the future of our world.

    May God Bless you’ll

    •' susan says:

      yes i agree novak has a special quality not many people have it ,charisma and jelena by his side i hope they change the lives of many children and inspire others to follow,
      good luck!! for you foundation

  •' Jackie Obradovic says:

    WOW! This looks amazing! As a teacher in Canada, I can tell you that what you are doing makes a difference in children’s lives. EVERY country has their share of problems but working together is the first step in finding solutions. Congratulations on a great looking website & an even better foundation! 🙂

  •' Riphaia Kynjing says:

    Yes, Novak is an example of how hard work, perseverance , dedication etc can get one to the top. The fact that he comes from a war torn and small country is all the more commendable. The foundation that he has just set up is also commendable…. giving back to the society when you have the means. My only concern is that why is the foundation based in USA ? Yes, there are needy people here too but the country is rich enough to look after its own. What are you guys doing for the people in Serbia ?

    My son and I are both Nole fans and we will always wish you and the foundation the very best in all your efforts. God Bless.

  •' Françoise Martel says:

    Congratulations to Jelena and her team for their inspiring work. My small contribution to help you “spread the word” is to translate into French your welcome word. The more people you reach, the more people you can help.

    Bienvenue au blogue NDF!
    Bonjour à tous et toutes,
    J’aimerais profiter de l’occasion pour vous souhaiter la bienvenue au nouveau blogue de la Fondation Novak Djokovic. Nous avons travaillé très fort au cours des derniers mois pour le réaliser. Laissez-moi donc partager avec vous l’idée derrière ce projet.
    Dans le cadre de notre travail, on nous demande constamment « Qu’est-ce que vous faites exactement? » ou « Comment aidez-vous les gens et les enfants? » ou « Que puis-je faire pour vous aider? » et de nombreuses questions semblables. Mais vous comprenez notre démarche. Les gens veulent savoir. Les gens veulent aider. Il n’est pas toujours question d’argent, il y a de nombreuses façons dont nous pouvons contribuer et aider et influencer la vie des autres.
    C’est dans ce but que nous avons créé le blogue NDF. Nous voulons partager avec vous toutes nos découvertes, toutes les choses qui peuvent vous inspirer, vous montrer comment d’autres personnes le font, vous montrer comment et pourquoi nous le faisons, vous recommander les meilleures pratiques, vous faire découvrir ce tout nouveau monde. Nous ne sommes pas seuls dans ce monde, et notre objectif dépasse largement le paiement des comptes mensuels et l’attente des prochaines vacances.
    À l’heure des médiaux sociaux et d’internet, vous pouvez découvrir tout ce que vous être curieux de connaître – par vous-même. Le seul problème – il y a tellement de renseignements qu’on peut s’y perdre, et en fin de compte, on ne sait pas ce qui est vrai et ce qui ne l’est pas.
    Tellement de gens regardent les émissions de télé-réalité et les actualités simplement pour échapper à la réalité. Oui, après avoir travaillé fort et subi le stress de la vie quotidienne, nous avons besoin de prendre une pause et de nous distraire. C’est normal. Avec mon équipe, j’ai commencé à penser à une télé-réalité d’une façon différente. Et si nous pouvions partager avec vous la réalité à laquelle nous faisons face dans notre travail de bienfaisance? Quels en sont les bons et les mauvais côtés? Partager avec vous autant de vidéos et de photos que nous le pouvons… vous faire regarder avec les yeux de la Fondation Novak Djokovic.
    Si pendant la journée et la semaine, vous consultez le blogue et vous y trouvez des renseignements utiles sur l’éducation ou la nutrition de l’enfant, ou sur les choses bonnes et inspirantes qui se sont produites quelque part dans le monde, ou sur la façon de compléter un projet au bénéfice de la communauté… cela ne serait-il pas plus significatif? Et si le fait de passer une partie de votre temps ici vous inspire à aider quelqu’un ou beaucoup de gens? Et si vous pouvez ici apprendre et trouver des outils pour vous aider à faire une différence? Cela ne semble-t-il pas plus attrayant?
    La vérité est qu’on nous a donné une seule vie. Dans cette vie, nous avons plusieurs occasions de faire le bien, de faire une différence. Pourquoi sommes-nous amenés à croire que si nous ne sommes pas nés riches, nous ne pouvons pas atteindre de grands objectifs? Novak est un véritable exemple que vous POUVEZ et ALLEZ réussir si vous travaillez fort. Il n’est pas né d’une famille aisée. Il n’est même pas né dans un pays libre. Presque toutes les chances étaient contre lui. Et peu de personnes ont tendu la main, à lui et à sa famille, dans le parcours jusqu’au sommet. Croyez-le ou non, il était simplement un enfant du voisinage qui, par hasard, s’est trouvé au bon endroit (sur la montagne Kopaonik) au bon moment (lorsque les ouvriers construisaient un court de tennis).
    Nous disons toujours aux enfants et aux familles de VOIR GRAND. Si ce n’est pas le cas, les chances que vous réalisiez quelque chose de grand dans votre vie sont très minces. En fait, il y a de fortes chances que vous ne soyez pas motivés de sortir de votre lit le matin, encore moins de changer le monde.
    Nous croyons que nous pouvons changer le monde en mettant ce blogue sur pied, croyez-le ou non.
    Nous croyons que chacun d’entre vous qui vous joignez à nous dans notre mission nous rapprochera un peu plus de la réalisation de notre rêve.
    La philanthropie est un travail d’équipe. Chacun d’entre vous peut contribuer. Nous pouvons tous nous entraider. Nous pouvons tous apprendre les uns des autres.
    Nous partagerons ici toute l’information utile pour les familles, les parents, les enfants, les professeurs, les voisins. L’information que nous trouvons, l’information que vous nous transmettez.
    Et nous vous le promettons, ce ne sera pas facile. Ce n’est pas facile d’apporter des changements, mais cela ne nous découragera pas.
    Vous verrez que l’argent ne peut pas tout acheter, et même si vous avez de l’argent, il est très probable que ce ne sera pas suffisant pour réaliser exactement ce que vous souhaitiez. Le projet que vous espériez finir à temps, ou l’effet que vous espériez produire… Rappelez-vous comment le projet de bâtir votre propre maison ou de redécorer votre propre appartement ou bureau s’est avéré difficile et parfois impossible. Mais cela ne vous a pas empêché d’y arriver.
    Nous recueillons l’argent par le biais de nos activités de bienfaisance. Nous voulons qu’il serve à une bonne cause. Nous avons de bonnes intentions. Parfois, les bonnes intentions et l’argent ne sont pas suffisants. Nous avons besoin de gens. Nous avons besoin que les communautés se joignent à nous et nous aident. Nous avons besoin que les enfants veuillent apprendre. Nous avons besoin de parents qui veulent éduquer leurs enfants. Nous avons besoin de livres, de professeurs inspirés pour transmettre la connaissance, de nourriture saine qui peut donner à ces enfants l’énergie de bien passer la journée et de grandir. Nous avons besoin de beaucoup d’AMOUR. Et de foi.
    Et nous avons besoin de vous. Pour passer le mot. Pour nous montrer ce que vous savez. Et pour croire avec nous que nous pouvons faire de ce monde un meilleur endroit, pas seulement pour nous. Mais pour les générations futures.
    Nous ne sommes pas seuls. Nous sommes une équipe. L’équipe NDF.
    Bienvenue à notre blogue,
    Beaucoup d’amour.
    Jelena Ristic
    Directrice administrative de la Fondation Novak Djokovic

  •' Sandro Soramae says:

    Congratulations. your job is great and I hope to give my help soon…rather I say I’ll do it 🙂

  •' vivek says:

    Great jelena…
    Nole rockz on and off the court.
    #1 fan of nole frm India

  •' yazmin says:

    Truly inspiring Jelena. This blog is a brilliant idea, and you can trust that we will all spread the word! Congratulations, and well done for all the hard work you and Novak have committed yourselves too!

    Love from Australia

  •' Igor Terzic says:

    For children

    I congratulate you for what you do and what you give children hope that their lives are denied in one way or another. You become a significant part of their growing up regardless of how much you’ve helped in their growing up as a small part of the focus is on how children will live a great contribution that they one day be responsible and hard-working people, what will be your greatest reward for all that you are able to do so.
    You have enough to do simply because you have a desire to help those who need our help for that everything in life is waiting for them, because the essential role of childhood and which must be accompanied with joy and pleasure of socializing with real people like you and you similar that you are doing for the children feel as they should when we are older we are able to provide them with a happy and smooth growing of the people who will one day do the same what you are doing now with the hope that they help someone to understand that they are not themselves in attempts to make life more beautiful and more affordable for all that it can to enrich it with the values ​​that will help them learn to respect everyone’s right to more and better relationships with all complement what they can bring happiness and joy when they need it most when they are small and difficult to all that awaits them on their path to maturity where they can be my faithful companions and guardians of those fortunate enough to not have something wrong and deviated from the right path and to promote your foundation.
    Once again, thank you for being part of his time decided to devote those without which our life would be empty and deserted and not be painted those colors that make us happy that we can together do things that will stay where the last forever grateful for everything you have done, and that is in the hearts of children that will help in their own unique way to express what they may not be him, but he will be able to smile that will radiate with positive energy that you meet it with hope and faith that what work for children will follow and others that can make someone what they lack in life, to replace the sorrow of joy, tears to smiles that would like to express gratitude for all that you have done for them.

  •' Pink says:

    This blog is really brilliant!! Beautiful and inspiring !

  •' Jim Woodburn says:

    Very worthwhile idea. Good luck.

  •' Rafał Niwa says:

    great stuff with this blog. Jelena- you’ve a good pen

  •' Mathilde says:

    The blog is amazing, I love the design and that perfect first post. Congratulations to the NDF team. Wish you the best in this new adventure!

  •' vivian says:

    I love this, hope to become a member of NDF foundation in the future!

  •' Boba Bandic says:

    Beautiful people ,doing beautiful thinks.There is no question how talented and smart you are.I am so proud of you ,and everything I see or reed ,make’s me smile.Well done.
    Ponosim se sto ste i pored sve popularnosti ostali cvrsto na zemlji i jednostavni.Sto i pored svog talenta i teskog rada ne pravite razliku medju ljudima i sto ste uvijek medju njima ,jednostavni ,vedri i normalni.Divan je osjecaj pratiti vas rad i uzivati u rezultatima koje postizete.Ostanite takvi kakvi jeste ,jer svojom jednostavnoscu i normalnoscu cinite ovaj svijet bogatijim.Sretno Jelena i Nole

  •' lacco mariela says:

    los felicitos muy buen proyecto, gracias por pensar en los demas, sigan asi, muchos exitos..

  •' Monisha Chander Balachandran says:

    This is really lovely … you are indeed doing a great work

  •' vivian says:

    I love it, and I hope some day I will become a memeber of NDF foundation.

  •' Urska says:

    I just wanted to say that is very nice that you’re helping others and you inspire them with all this work you’s just so nice to see someone is doing this for all these has always been my wish to make others’s just priceless to see someone smiling because of you. 🙂 great job guys, you have a nice heart!

  •' Lakky Jega says:

    All the very best NDF team. I hope you achieve your dreams and more.

  •' Jude says:

    Loving this blog idea 🙂 I’ll try to help in every way.. Let’s hope we can make a difference in this world. Thank you Jelena and all of the NDF team for making this happen!

  •' Elaine says:

    Hi Jelena,
    I am a huge fan of Novak, and I admire your work, too.
    I will start a new job soon, it is with kids of 2 years in a public kindergarten, I hope to find ideas here because there are not many resources there and it is a poor neighborhood.
    I hope to share my ideas, too.
    Congratulations for you both!

  •' Beatrice says:

    Congrats Jelena and NDF!! The site looks great and a nice place to share, find out and tell amazing real-life stories and advice!

  •' Eva Quelin says:

    Congratulations and I’ll certainly will visit your blog often and hope to share something too. Best regards to all.

  •' Paul Cvetkovic says:

    With Novak having inspired us all with his tennis skills, and being such an exemplary role model for the young aspiring boys and girls all over the world, I am not at all surprised at what Novak and Jelena are attempting to accomplish with NDF. Congratulations on your work so far, and best wishes for achievement of even greater outcomes than you even dare to dream about.
    Good luck, and may God Bless You Both…!!!

  •' stan. says:

    Interesting, can`t wait to read more from your blogs, kudos!

  •' Robyn Snyman says:

    You and Nole have inspired me so much, to always try and help others. This article was so heart warming.

  •' Sue Ross says:

    Well done Novak and Jelena for a fab charity and website but more especially Jelena for contributing and getting involved. I hope your work inspires you both and wish you all the success that you both deserve.xx

  •' Jana Stewart says:

    Thank you for creating this for us all to enjoy, come together and work toward fulfilling this beautiful humanitarian NDF mission. My 2 year old grandson Aiden in Canada loves to play tennis and is so inspired by No1e already! Many blessings to us all!

  •' vivian says:

    I love what Jelena wrote, and hope that someday I can become a member of NDF.

  •' Jorge González Isassi says:

    Wise and inspiring words, thanks for sharing. The blog is very interesting. I’ll watch it. Congratulations Jelena, good job.

  •' tinica says:

    I traveled to Serbia in the 1980s – the late Yugoslav era – and have returned a few times in since 2004. As with the entire world,much has changed even in the past 9 years. But there is always too little change for the most disadvantaged among us. In the past year, I left a job as a private chef to cook for a local soup kitchen. It’s a struggle financially, but it’s very gratifying.

    I love to see photos from the NDF gala events – but photos with the kids are even better!

    Would love to help with any nutrition programs that might arise. Govorim kao dijete!

  •' wonga says:

    I think other web-site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and magnificent user friendly style and design, let alone the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

  •' Dimitrios Psomas says:

    I would love to help in any way. Apart from admiring Nole I would love to support your vision. I am from Greece and as a country we hosted lots of kids during the war.
    We just create a tennis court almost out of nowhere and the cost was 20 euros.

    Thank you and hope to see you soon

    Dimitrios Psomas

  •' Suzana says:

    Simply wonderful. Love the idea and spread of inspiration.I will enjoy sharing any such information and hope and I would love to become a member of NDF team. 🙂

  •' Manyata Raizada says:

    NDF is doing an excellent work. Nole is an example to be followed.

    #1 fan of novak from india

  •' Manyata Raizada says:

    NDF is truly an inspiration to everyone who does not care for the world

  •' ranu says:

    Good content loved your page got so many information it help me so much it is so much helpful excellent page keep it up hard work pays off

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