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The Path of Parenting is not Always a Straight Line

We all remember childhood as the most beautiful part of life… Or, at least, that is how it should be….

An Introduction to Parenting from One Dad’s Perspective

Young married couples who do not have children are often forced to answer the question: “When will you have children?”…

Meet Jovana Ivankovic – a young facilitator of the “Support, Not Perfection” program

“Support is important regardless of whether you are a parent, child, or someone at the start of their career.” urious…

How I realized a perfect parent does not exist

When we become parents, it seems as if everything we have been learning for years, all of a sudden becomes…

Woman whose desire to help others knows no boundaries

Meet our Dijana – a blind facilitator who is a part of the team that manages the “Support, Not Perfection”…

The story about parents who are not afraid to share their feelings

We visited the town Jagodina yesterday to attend the 3rd workshop within the Support, Not Perfection program. We couldn’t even…

Everything in life can be postponed, except for love!

“My team and I want to teach parents/guardians how to set clear boundaries in raising their children, as well as…

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