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The Impacts of Sports upon Children’s Lives and Parenting

Although misrepresented by unhealthy competitiveness and big money schemes, sports still play a major role in teaching lessons both for…

Your Child’s First Sporting Event

Parents pass down so many physical and personality traits, and one thing many parents can’t wait to pass down to…

9-year Old Girl Completed US Navy Seals Obstacle Course

Milla Bizzotto, who is 9 years old, has finished the 24-hour Battlefrog challenge – a U.S Navy-designed obstacle course. Milla was…

When Should Kids Start Playing Sports?

When should kids start playing sports, given that their physical and mental development is highly individual?

In the Spotlight: Young Tennis Talent, Harrison Saladini

Twelve year old Harrison Saladini, no 1. player in NJ by USTA ranking, is a member of MENSA since the age…

MANNY PACQUIAO: You Don't Need Superpowers to Be a Superhero

Manny Pacquiao showed that one needs to work hard for success, and that poverty, lack of opportunity and education are…

5 TIPS that Can Help Your Child Learn Better

Read our tips about practical activities that can help your child excel intellectually from an early age.

Don’t wait to achieve healthy weight!

Children who maintain a healthy weight are often more fit, healthy, self-confident and less likely to have health problems as…

First Steps to Fitness

It’s never too early to teach children the benefits of physical activity. In the United States, the childhood obesity rate…

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