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sports for kids

In the spirit of the International day of sport: Our “little champions” teach us what is actually a victory

We are used to looking at the road to victory as a road we must travel alone. Then it is…

The Impacts of Sports upon Children’s Lives and Parenting

Although misrepresented by unhealthy competitiveness and big money schemes, sports still play a major role in teaching lessons both for…

What is #SportIn1Word for you?

Although we all know what Sport is, it plays very different roles in our day to day lives. What is…

5 Benefits of Sports for Kids

There are several benefits of playing sports for kids, such as having a healthier life, gaining more academic integrity, improving…

Why Winning and Losing Is Important for Children

Life is competitive, and children learn that it’s best to be good at things from a young age. Here are…


We can learn a lot from professional athletes about motivation, skill and technique.

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