“Support, NOT Perfection” – Parents’ Workshop Impressions

More than 200 parents took part in the workshops of the eighth cycle of the “Support, NOT Perfection” program, which indirectly affected over 300 children. Some of them wanted to share their impressions with you.

“Support, NOT perfection” has been one of the blueprints of our work for years. Created and led by our Head of programs, Smiljana Grujic, it has so far helped more than 2,200 parents across Serbia. In recent years, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, we had to organize the workshops online, and Smiljana was joined on several occasions by our co-founder and global CEO, Jelena Djokovic, who shared her parenting experience and the challenges she faces on a daily basis.

With the support of our long-term partners, Generali Osiguranje Srbija and The Human Safety Net, last year we started the project of building 15 Parent Centers throughout Serbia, which will be a gathering place for parents and guardians in the next cycle of workshops. As we look forward to this project coming to life in all its splendor, we share with you the experiences of several parents who attended the recently completed workshops. We look forward to the new contingent of workshop participants who will have the opportunity to socialize and share experiences in a cozy environment.

Here is what the satisfied mothers said after the workshops, as they continue their parenting journey enriched with new knowledge and friendships:

“What was new to me and what I started to apply was the technique of short-term goals and everything related to emotional intelligence. To talk more with the children about emotions, to name and recognize them and to deal better with negative emotions. “- Katarina Milenković

Katarina Milenković says she could not be happier with the techniques she learned during the “Support, NOT perfection” workshops.

“A recommendation from the bottom of my heart, Smiljana will give you a concrete answer to everything that bothers you – not something vahue, but a real and concrete answer!” I would attend over and over again! “- Sanja Vukčević Vasić

Sanja Vukčević Vasić with her husband and son.

“I had regularly followed all NDF activities and participated in webinars, which motivated me to apply for the workshops. I wanted to find out the tips for parenting and raising children, and to share experiences with other parents. Now I am much more calm and I realized that the problems I face are not only mine but of other parents as well.
The most important practical examples that I adopted at the workshops were how to handle the rivalry between the big brother and his baby sister. “- Biljana Kostadinović

“All the information was useful to me, I enjoyed the company of mentors, and the way they approach all parents. I bought a book that Jelena recommended and it’s safe to say that I’m thrilled. Emotions and their regulation, love, tenderness, methods, healthy boundaries, self-messages””they can all really change the relationship between adults and children.
With a great dose of love and dedication, the whole team was at our disposal. They ensure that, after the program’s completion, a parent will know how to connect with the child and his needs, how to integrate true life values and thus support the child who will make confident and motivated steps towards a bright and beautiful future.”- Branka Mihailović (family from the cover photo)

support NOT perfection

A happy Radmilović family: mother Danka with her husband, daughter and son.

I learned a lot about myself, became aware of my own childhood and realized how I should not behave with my child. I tried to alter all the situations that reminded me of my mother’s behavior and how I felt in those moments. My family life has become richer in terms of conscious presence. “- Žaklina Andrejić

“I had read a lot about child psychology, but the way the program was designed in combination with Smiljana’s energy and her way of presenting completely enchanted me, so – here I am – finished my second cycle already!” – Danka Radmilović

The Novak Djokovic Foundation thanks all the participants of the workshops. We hope we have made your parenting journey easier and more meaningful. With that in mid, we are looking forward to a new cycle!