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Psychologist Smiljana Grujic Answers Parents’ Questions

In order to provide the best possible support to parents and guardians, our main program manager, psychologist and psychotherapist Smiljana…

“Daddy will go…” – Personal Story of Ivan Barca, Participant of our “Support, NOT perfection” Workshops

As we eagerly anticipate the beginning of the new cycle of the “Support, NOT perfection” program, with the help of…

Let’s Hug and Kiss our Children as Much as We Can While We Can, While They are so Teensy-weensy!

“As I wished to become a better parent for my child, I healed the wounds from my own childhood.” In…

Low-Cost Parenting Coaching During Doctor’s Visits

The best way we can ensure that new parents know how to work with their children, and prevent any emotional…

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