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Infographic: Child Therapist’s List of Top Worries by Age

As children grow they have different worries and fears. There are common worries that tend to coincide with different stages…

Infographic: The School-Readiness Gap

Many low-income children enter school behind their peers. By the time children set foot in kindergarten, low-income children are already…

Infographic: Helping Your Child Develop Through Play

Children should have every opportunity and accommodation necessary to develop independently through play. This skill is very important for many…

Infographic: How Do I Get My Kids Outside?

Studies show that children use media more than 7.5 hours a day on average, but their average time outside keeps dwindling….

Infographic: 50 Reasons to Believe in the Power of Play

Do you believe in the power of play? For a child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development, play and recess…

The Surprising Benefits of Reading With Your Kids (Infographic)

Reading with your kids can help them in surprising ways. Find out all the ways books can open children’s minds…

Why Childhood Education is Important [Infographic]

The Why Childhood Education Is Important Infographic explores how future success in life can often be predetermined by the quality…

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