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How Is It like to Be a Dad of a Two-Year-Old Daughter?

As a dad, I try to spend as much quality time with my little daughter as I can; play with…

5 Skills to Help Your Child Lead Successful Social Life

A child doesn’t need to be the most popular in the class, but it does need good social skills.

Learn to decode children’s drawings

Learn how to decode children’s drawings and get to know your child and his inner personality better. Children’s drawings can…

Honey: Nature’s Sweet Superfood

Honey is considered one of nature’s best and most powerful products and a superfood.

How to Teach Your Child Math

To teach your child math, you don’t need special knowledge of the subject. Just read these valuable tips to get…

Teach Your Children Good Table Manners

Parents should know they must be creative in order to help children to master the art of good table manners.

Children and Thank You Letters

Many parents face the dilemma how to get their children to thank the kind and generous gift givers, and the…

Building Character Through Sport

The great player and coach John Wooden once said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does…

Memory Boosting Foods

Does what you eat make you smarter? There are indeed foods that can make your brain run better, and enhance…

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