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Good Practice in Celebrating Holidays in Kindergarten Curriculum

Children love and look forward to holidays and the fun that goes along with each one. However, when parents visit…

Family Outreach Worker: Strengthening Communities and Supporting Families

I want to tell you about an incredible program- a truly beautiful initiative called the Family Outreach Worker project, a…

Tips for Helping Siblings Adjust to a New Baby

Having a new baby in the family may be one of the toughest experiences for older children. Here are some…

Your Child’s First Sporting Event

Parents pass down so many physical and personality traits, and one thing many parents can’t wait to pass down to…

Parenting Leave Policy in America

Research has shown that paid parental leave has countless health and economic benefits and that forcing parents to go back…

How to Enjoy Autumn Activities

Autumn activities are among the best things about this season. There are certain things that only this time of year…

Child Poverty Is Increasing

As unemployment decreases, child poverty increases.

Global Day of Parents

June 1 is celebrated worldwide as the Global Day of Parents to honor the parents and their dedication to the children….

Outcomes of a Divorce

Divorce. The action of legally dissolving a marriage. The fall of great expectations of what once was hoped to be…

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