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early education

Introducing a Child to a Foreign Language

It is fascinating to see how quickly the children pick up the new sounds and language and how easily they…

What Age Should Children Start Formal Schooling?

The age that children begin formal, compulsory and full time schooling is a contentious issue around the world.

Reading Is Freedom

The importance of literacy is underlined by the annual International Literacy Day, when UNESCO organise a series of events. 

What is Good State Education?

In all this talk of some of the best Early Year’s approaches to education, one thing struck me… all of…

Can Schools Develop Socially Responsible Students?

Reflecting on my blog posts over the last few weeks, I have noticed a pattern. All of them are holistic…

Preschool Inclusion Means A Way To Dream

Many people associate autism with the famous movie “Rain Man” featuring the fabulous Dustin Hoffman. Only few people though really…

Child’s Separation Anxiety

It is time to go back to school and it may even be the first time for some children to…

Forest Schools

This week’s method of Early Year’s Education is not so much focused on the content of its curriculum or its…

Tools of the Mind

Following on from last week’s examination of Montessori education, this week I am going to consider the Vygotsian Tools of…

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