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early education

Nurturing the Future: Early Childhood Education in China

A new early childhood development program, called “Nurturing the Future”, in an attempt to target children growing up in low-income…

Advancing Early Childhood Education on the Global Stage

In early November, some of the world’s leading philanthropic foundations gathered in The Hague, Netherlands, to share ideas, experiences and…

Novak Djokovic Shares His Views on Early Education and Development

Novak Djokovic is an inspirational figure on and off the court. His achievements on the court are well known to…

Children Facing Unreasonable School Commutes

Children are faced with unreasonable school commutes in order to obtain an education.

How to Help Your Child Develop Executive Function Skills?

Children aren’t born with Executive function skills — they are born with the potential to develop them. By following the…

5 TIPS that Can Help Your Child Learn Better

Read our tips about practical activities that can help your child excel intellectually from an early age.

How To Identify a Gifted Child and Encourage Its Talents?

Identifying a child as gifted isn’t about gaining bragging rights; it’s about getting your child the education that best suits…

How to Teach Your Child Math

To teach your child math, you don’t need special knowledge of the subject. Just read these valuable tips to get…

Child Who Loves to Learn

Studies attempt to define the word “smart” when it comes to our children.

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