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digital technologies

Sharenting – A Challenge of Digital Parenting

As you are reading this text, you are probably in front of a screen of a digital device with access…

Are children’s rights protected in a virtual environment?

Ask children what are their rights and you will probably get very creative answers. Children love to play with words,…

Parents, Beware – YouTube Kids App Can be Your Family Friend

Have you ever wondered how you can make the YouTube Kids app more family-friendly but you cannot find time to…

How children explore the universe?

Universe – the infinite space that surrounds us. When I was a five-year-old girl, I would look at the sky…

Jelena Stojkovic : Empowering children to live their dreams should be our top priority

Today we sit down to talk with another inspiring Djokovic Scholar – meet Jelena Stojkovic! After I receive my Ph.D….

How ScratchJr Can Make Kids Better Learners and Digital Creators

Many experts agree that coding can and should start young. Until recently, however, an age limit had been effectively imposed…

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