Novak Djokovic Foundation’s Caravan of Happiness and Santa Claus deliver New Year’s gifts to children in 12 municipalities in Serbia

“Where there is joy and happiness, there is greater love” – Ahead of the Christmas holidays, Novak Djokovic Foundation’s Caravan of Happiness decided to make happy 277 children aged 3 to 7, whose families receive social assistance.

Caravan of Happiness is on its way! If you notice these days a traveling house reminiscent of the most beautiful New Year’s card, and you wonder what this could be, let us tell you the secret: Novak Djokovic Foundation and Santa Clause are traveling from town to town sharing New Year’s joy with children in 12 towns. The entire team of the Foundation led by our Global CEO Jelena Djokovic and National Director Maja Kremic, is spreading a good mood and festive spirit. Sing and dance along with us!

About to hug Santa for the first time!

In cooperation with preschool institutions, local municipalities, and Social Welfare Centres, this noble idea brought together a total of 17 socially responsible companies – Foundation’s friends who made their contribution in various donations: toys, board games, books, cosmetics and hygiene products, wardrobe, vehicles, food products, consumables, branding, transport of presents, as well as Santa Claus and his costume.

“Our Foundation is active in all parts of Serbia. We travel a lot and sometimes we don’t spend much time together. This journey was a great opportunity for our team to enjoy the wonderful ambiance, which was easily passed on to people in all towns we visited. Everyone provided us with a warm welcome and we are happy to have brought smiles to children’s faces. On our journey, we reflected on how we felt and how this event affected us, and to what extent this happiness, no matter how short, will affect the lives of these children and their families. We have concluded that every good deed is engraved in time, and we will keep trying to make children in Serbia happy, just like these children today, who saw that there are people outside their micro-community who love them and who are happy to be able to help them. We hope that this event with us, the Santa, and other children would give them an impetus in further development”, said Jelena Djokovic, Co-Founder and Global CEO at Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Jelena Djokovic and Team NDF are grateful for the many friends we met on this journey!

Companies that supported the project: Raspberry Plum Ltd., Integral Technic d.o.o., Jumbo Travel d.o.o., BIG TC, Imperijal d.o.o., Orbico d.o.o., Pertini d.o.o., Transfera d.o.o., Henkel Srbija d.o.o., Endava d.o.o., Clarivate d.o.o., JRJ Publishing House, Aksa d.o.o., ChipsWay d.o.o., employees at Generali osiguranje Srbija d.o.o., Studio Glumionica, and Pepsi Srbija.

Santa and his new friend in front of the Caravan of Happiness!

Currently, the foundation is touring the following municipalities and towns: Nis, Vranje, Pirot, Leskovac, Prokuplje, Kursumlija, Vlasotince, Vladicin Han, Bujanovac, Dimitrovgrad, Bela Palanka, and Doljevac.

Novak Djokovic Foundation traditionally supports children from socially disadvantaged groups during the New Year and Christmas holidays – children in shelters and children’s hospitals, children without parental care, beneficiaries of social assistance, etc. This year, 277 planned presents will grow to nearly 300 and, at least for a short time, improve the lives of these children growing up in a difficult financial situation.

Greetings from Vladicin Han!

In parallel with this project, the Novak Djokovic Foundation is implementing the 2021 Season of Giving campaign as part of which funds are raised for the launch of a new kindergarten in Niš, with the capacity of 100 slots. Support the campaign at